Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Running Troops News | The 2 Year Wait is Over!

Here I am!  I haven't forgotten about my FAB-O Friends! What a whirlwind life has been pre and since Disneyland Dumbo Double weekend.  More on that later.

I want to share with you the most exciting news!  For almost 2 years I have waited for this moment and it is finally here! 

Running Troops was founded in late 2012 with the dream of honoring runners, volunteers and race directors. Runners would be honored by race miles ran, not by the number of races. 

*Every runner from a 5k’er to the most extreme ultra marathoner could achieve the same rank advancements and membership perks.
*Our volunteers will receive equal recognition and honor by their volunteer hours they have spent at aid stations, cheer squads and other volunteer duties.
*Race Directors would be honored for their skills in organizing a safe and ethical business.
Since that time, that vision has not changed and will remain the cornerstone of who we are. Today, we embark on the next step of our club. Our paid memberships. 

We offer a paid membership with a PURPOSE

To benefit our runners, volunteers, race directors and our title charity, Team Red, White & Blue. 


From the start, I refused to charge a membership fee, without giving something in return. ***Running Troops, paid members receive the following:

1. Tracking of your race and/or volunteer miles to achieve our club ranks (i.e. Recruit, Corporal, Captain, etc.)
2. Product and vendor discounts from BicBands, SnuggBuds, RobKellerMD, NeoCell, Allied Medal Hangers and more!
3. Exclusive race discounts & comp’s (as they become available)
4. Discounts on our club gear and other related products (to be launched in November)
5. Recognition in our online newsletter and special shout out’s on our FB club group page
6. A sense of belonging and being a part of a team. Sharing your love to Inspire.Challenge.Serve. one another.
7. A portion of your membership dues will be donated to Team Red, White & Blue at the end of the calendar year.
8. And more perks to come! 

Our memberships are divided into individual and family. We have yearly and lifetime options, to meet any budget.

Before you become a member, please read our Credo. This is our core values and who we are. If this is something you feel you can align yourself, then we welcome you into our club!

In addition, please take a moment and look around our club website. Find out about our HONOR GUARD on our OUTREACH tab. 

I would like to thank the following Running Troops Founding Council Members who helped pull this all together in the last 2 years: Kirk Buckley, Daniel Widdis, Julia Beaver, Jeff Lui, Rob Erekson, Scott Gibson, Angela Wozniak, Diana De Leon, Jim Tello, Gary Allen and Kitzzy Aviles. 

Lastly, the construction of our website could not have happened without 4 very talented people. Abbi Auger, Daniel Widdis, Rob Erekson & Marina White. Their time, their efforts and expertise is greatly appreciated!

This website is for YOU, the running, volunteer and directing community. Thank you for your support, your dedication to make a difference. I look forward to having you as a member.

As with any new venture, if you find any glitches with the website or have any questions regarding our club, please feel free to contact me.

Please share this announcement with your friends or with those you believe could align themselves with our Mission and Credo.

Thank you again for your continued support and I look forward to having you as a Running Troops member!

(c) C. Ragsdale 2010-14
Run F.A.B.,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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*Founder, Running Troops
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