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Customizing Your Pacing Wristband | #FitnessHacks #FABHacks

The #FitnessHacks and #FABHacks are piling up!  Time for me to get busy and share with you.

We all know that a pacing wristbands can be beneficial for any race. I typically wear a pacing bracelet for a Half or Marathon, depending on my goals.  In one way, I use them to help me ensure I do not go out too fast and in other ways, I use them to ensure I am not being lazy.

  • I take it one step farther.  Before the big day, I download a pace bracelet from (it's free).  

I review the course description (aid stations, porta potties, etc) and I highlight or mark on my bracelet when the aid stations will appear and more. 

Close up:


At this race, I knew there would be porta-potties at every aid station, so I didn't specify.  If I needed to, I would write a "PP" next to the porta-potty mile.  

This is my Big Cottonwood Marathon wristbad.  The aid station miles are marked by a yellow highlighter.  I also added a "C" for the stations with Candy (just in case) and "F" for the stations with "Fruit"

I don't know about you, but I can never remember anything while racing.  While I know in my head the aid stations are every 2 miles, I will forget that while racing. So, this bracelet is my brain for those miles and requires no thinking nor remembering on my part. In the moments after my fall at 18-19ish.  I remember looking at my bracelet and thinking, "okay - good, I can find help at 19".  

In addition, I laminate my wristband. I have a laminator at home, so it's very easy.  If you don't own a laminator, you can go to any office supply store to have yours laminated.  I also cover the ends with scotch tape to make it moisture resistant.  If I don't do this, the bracelet will be a paper wad by mile 5.  (Yea, I sweat a lot.)

Other ideas to mark on your wristband
- reminder to take your fueling
- reminder to take your salt tablets
- when to take walk breaks (if applicable)

Hope this #FitnessHack #FABHack helps you in your next race!

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