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PRODUCT REVIEW: Hair, Nail, Skin Supplements from It Works! | Ragamuffin Time!

I have been wearing a pixie cut for over a year.  I love short hair.  I love the ease of taking care of it and only taking a few moments to primp in the AM.  A few months ago, I revealed that I am growing my hair back to a bob.  CLICK HERE for my blog post about my decision to grow out my hair.  

After that blog post, I was introduced to a new supplement on the market.  A product that is claims to increase the health of your hair, nails and skin.  I had seen many Before and After photos of hair growth, so I was willing to try it.

From the website:

Be a more radiant, youthful looking you with support for stronger nails, softer and smoother skin, and shine-worthy hair!  With essential vitamins, minerals, and plant-based nutrients, Hair Skin Nails enhances your own natural collagen and keratin production, supports healthy cell growth, and boosts your body’s free radical fighting defenses.  It’s optimal nourishment to look your beautiful best from the inside out!

·         Boosts your natural collagen and keratin production

·         Supports the body’s defenses against free radical damage

·         Moisturizes while enhancing skin’s elasticity and flexibility

·         Promotes healthy cell growth, strength, and shine”

Krissy Mueller, an It Works!  Independent Distributor sent me a complimentary supply.  I began taking the supplements in July. 

July hair - not styled(a seriously bad picture!)

I took the supplements every day, except for a few days I had a stomach flu or I was out of town and forgot to pack them. 

Within the first week, my hair FLIPPED out in the back.  That was the first “ah ha” moment.

By the time I was nearing the 3rd, people were noticing the length.   I knew it was growing fast, as I can typically wait 4-5 weeks to color my roots and I needed to color my hair at the 2nd week.  That’s twice as fast hair growth. 

By the time I finished the container, my hair had almost grown 2 inches.  1 inch in one month is a good growth, but 2 inches is quite unheard of. 

I am very pleased!

 And styled:

It's long enough to put in an teenie-weenie pony tail for my runs.  

If you want to grow your hair out or to have healthier hair, this is a great product.  In addition, it will help your skin and nails.  I need a hair trim! 

You can order it at Kristina’s website: – click on SHOP


If you decide to try the product, please let me know how you like it.  I would love to see pictures! 

Thank you, Krissy for giving me the opportunity to try this product.  *Although I have received a complimentary product, the views & opinions are my own.  I am not connected nor affiliated with this company or distributor program. 

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  1. Thank you very much Charlene!! If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful product, feel free to visit my website at :)
    Krissy Mueller

    1. Thank you for sending me the product to try! (I updated my review with your correct website)


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