Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#FitnessHacks - How to Keep Your iPod Wires Tangle Free In Your Gear Bag

As promised, here is another iPod hack.  In 2012, I was running a marathon and knew I would be passing by the Start/Finish several times and close enough to grab something from my gear bag, if needed.

I wanted to be able to grab and go with my iPod, just in case.  Well, knowing how iPod cords are like paper clips and no matter how neatly you keep them, they find a way to tangle up. 

A light bulb came on!  I needed something to wrap them but not something that would take time to wrap or unwrap in a race.  No twisty ties or ropes.  What I needed was a bread bag closure.

Yep, those little things you wrap your bread bag with.

I wrapped it around my wires and guess what?  No tangles!  When I needed to grab my iPod, I was able to grab, remove the bread bag closure without missing wasting time to untangle wires.  

You might ask, why bother?  This is perfect for anytime you are traveling with your iPod in your gear bag, not just on race day.  You can use this tip in your purse, your fueling belt, your suitcase or where you store your iPod or any other electronics with wires.  

Cost?  Free!  Start keeping your bread bad closures for future use.  You will be glad you did.

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