Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#FitnessHacks - Can You See the L or R on your iPod ear plugs? | Here Is a Quick Fix

Thank you for the great response to my #FitnessHacks introduction!  I am glad you found my first tip How to Organize Your Accessories helpful.

Today's #FitnessHacks is another tip I have used. 

While I don't wear an iPod often, I use to be in a quandary on what ear plug when into what ear. Have you tried to see the L or R on the plugs? 

I decided to make it obvious.  I put a piece of black tape on the L(left) ear plug (you can do the R(right), it doesn't matter). This was such a big hit with my former running group, I showed up one day and others had done the same. 

  • Friends used stickers
  • Other friends have marked their one plug with nail polish

This came in handy when I was running LAM 2014.  I had my headset tucked into my sports bra.  But, when I pulled it out around Mile 12, it was twisted.  I could easily tell what one was L and what one was R without breaking a stride.  

Here is a picture of my iPod with black tape: 

Cost:  I say "free", you can use anything you have around your house.
Time:  10 seconds? 

Let me know if you use this and how you mark your iPod.  I would love to see your creativity! 

Do you have a great #FitnessHack?  Please email to me and if I print your tip my blog, I will mention you & your website (if applicable)

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