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By Request: My Medal & Awards Wall | #FitnessHacks too

A few days ago, my incredible husband (Billy) posted a picture of my medal wall on Facebook. Forever the cheerleader,  he was bragging about my medals and awards from the last 4 years *blush*.

Since that time, I have received several messages requesting more pictures and how I organize my medal wall.

To begin - here is the picture he posted (complete with a ladybug bag on the floor, of course)

Being a decorator at heart, I want everything to tell a story & organized.  Displaying on a wall without any thought is like looking through a photo album with no dates or organization, whatsoever.

I refuse to skimp on my medal hanger.  Yes, I am all about thrifty and budget, but by cutting corners in other areas, I am able to have a custom medal hanger that I truly love.  I have only used Allied Medal Hangers since 2011.  That will not change.  In my opinion, they are classy and go with any decor.

I have one created every year.  Some do group by distances, I categorize by year.

The black shelf below is a great find! It's a jewelry shelf I found on  That's when things become fun!  Looking at ordinary pieces to become something else. I knew I needed a shelf and a way to display medals.

Allow me to explain.  In my quest to create my story - I have a separate shelf to display my Overall, Age Division, Virtual Runs and special race momentos. I do not want them on my Finisher Medal rack, I want them separate.  I chose this rack because of the size and the black metal went so well with the silver medal rack.  Other ideas is coffee cup or mug racks or other shelves.

  • My certificates are framed in simple dollar tree frames and lined up under the respective year.  This is where I really save money.   We have all seen frames in larger department stores for $5.  I purchased these for $1, each.  Huge $$$ savings.  

  • I don't use nails to put the lighter frames on the wall. I use inexpensive push pins.  Much less expensive than buying nails.  

Here is a closer look to the display

2011 and 2012

2013 and 2014
USATF Wall w/ first Finisher Medal

You may ask why did I display my first Finisher Medal separate on my USATF wall.  That's part of my story.  Of all my awards, my USATF All-American team awards are the ones that means the most to me.  I display my first Finisher Medal on that wall, to always remind me - where my racing career began.  

My medals & awards are in my home work office, it's deeply personal to me and I don't have display in any common area of my house.  Everyone has to decide their story and this is how I choose to display mine.  

During the 14+ weeks of my injury in 2013 (no running) my medal & award wall was a constant source of comfort.  The display became more than a display, it was my inspiration.   Some may wonder, why bother keeping the medals - isn't it too much?  Not at all!   When the time comes and I no longer race, these will be momentos for my children to remember something about their mother.  Who knows, maybe someday I will be able to share them with my grandchildren.  Every medal has a story. 

How do you display your medals?  Or do you keep them in a box?  Hidden?  Not sure what to do? 

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