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Time for Marathon Training | Here We Go

I am in my 6th week of a 18 week Marathon training program.

What?!?!  Are you as shocked as I am - I will be running a Full?  Better yet, I am actually training for a Full?  I know, I know - I am not a fan of the Marathon distance. 

My one and only full in 2014 and in 2013 were LA Marathon's.  Now, it's time to step up my game.  Why?  I want to run the Boston Marathon in 2016.  Many of my FAB-O readers know I want to run in 2016 (which means I have until September 2015 to BQ) - but very few know the story on why I picked 2016.

It goes back to one of the darkest moments of my life, in 2011.

I was in the vet's office.  I was sitting at a bench for the Vet technician to bring Ladybug to me.  Sadly, it would be her final trip home.  In my heart of hearts, I knew her earthly end was near. 

A woman entered the vet's office with a running jacket.  The emblem on the back of the jacket caught my eye. It was a BAA jacket.  I didn't know who she was but she noticed I was looking at her jacket.  She came over to me and sat next to me.  She asked about who I was waiting for and I broke down and cried and told her about Ladybug. 

Somehow in my sobbing, I mentioned I was a runner and I heard about the Boston Marathon.  She tells me all about the details and how wonderful it is. She tells me the 120th Anniversary is in 2016.  I say, "I want to be there, in 2016.  I have only run one Half Marathon, but I will find a way to earn my spot for 2016"

Ladybug 2007-2011

I never forget the kindness of that person and somehow in my agony, I had something to look forward to.  When I ran the 5k the day after Ladybug passed away, I was thinking about the Boston Marathon and how would I be able to run so fast, I could qualify for that historical race.  

I will find out.  I have to achieve 3:59 or faster.  My current PR is 4:31.  I am 32 minutes away from a BQ.  It's within my reach to achieve a BQ.  I have never trained for a Full, I have never followed a specific program to help me achieve my goals.  I ran Full's with minimal focused training.  I ran full's to pace another to help them achieve their goals.  I have never run a Full, ready to go.

I knew for me to BQ, I would have to pick strategic Full's - spaced out enough to allow me to recover and rebound.  At this writing (and it could change) I will race September, January, March and maybe June.  I have 4 shots to get that BQ.  I may take it down to the wire, but I am going to train my heart out for it. 

What program am I following?  Hanson Brooks Marathon Method.  I used the weekly training (minus the long, long runs) to prep me for Hollywood Half and OC Half.  If my performance (back to back PR's) are any indication of my progress, I would say I am doing fairly well.

I am incorporating a specific leg workout to help me build my hammie and glute strength.  This program was provided to me by Mark Jones of Runner Challenge. In addition and as always, my coach & mentor is guiding me every step of the way.  I cannot imagine my running career without him, Jeff Gardner.  

If I had the ability to pick where I would BQ, it would be LA Marathon 2015.  It is the race where I ran my first Marathon and I ran with a Ladybug bib on my back side.  Of course, I will be happy no matter what race I achieve a BQ.  

During my time in Boston, 2 weekends ago - it was a confirmation that someday, I belong there.  I ran the hills, I felt the culture and the rich history surrounding Boston. The city and the race is calling my name.

I owe it to myself and to Ladybug to get to Hopkinsville.  

Are you training for a Full Marathon in 2014? 

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