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The Dr. Oz Hub-Bub | Insight From RunForCookies.com

It's been a few weeks since my Runners World Heartbreak Hill Festival blogging experience.  While I have been an invited guest to many events in the past 4 years, this event topped my list.

One of my favorite memories was the pasta party, the night before the Half Marathon.  I was fortunate to sit across the table from a delightful person.  You know, that type of person you can tell he/she is good people.  I didn't know her story, nor was I familiar with her blog.  In fact, I had to search for it, when I returned to my room.  

I would like to introduce you to Katie from RunforCookies.com

Photo:  Run for Cookies

I have been watching her blog since my return home from Boston and I wanted to share with you her recent post about Dr. Oz.  During the big hub-bub of the senate hearings, I thought of Katie. I know she had a connection with Dr. Oz, at one time. 

She has posted her insight and I think it's important for all of us to read.  This is a woman who has lost over 100 lbs (no surgery) and has used that platform to change other lives.  While I can never relate to being morbidly obese, I think Katie is a sweet spirit and someone you should know.  

I love this quote from her recent post, "Um, I NEVER thought I could be a runner. When I was morbidly obese, becoming a runner was what I would label as "impossible". I like to write about running on my blog because I want other people to feel like they, too, can do what they once thought was impossible--whether it's running, or walking a race, reaching goal weight, cycling, competing in triathlons, or just being an active parent. Those are things that may feel impossible, but they most definitely are possible for most people."

CLICK HERE her Dr. Oz entire article 

*My personal (and professional) opinion on the matter comes as someone who works in the Entertainment industry.  I see how fame does and has hurt many who are not prepared for entertainment contracts, producers and managers.  Fame of any type (TV, movies, business, in peer groups, sports) is very dangerous.  We don't wake-up with no focus or a big head, it slowly creeps in. What many do not realize is when a celebrity has or is on the show, they have no control over content or guests.  They are just a figure head or just a show piece.  If Dr. Oz is showing signs of unhappiness, I recommend he quit. Go back to his passion of being a Dr.  He has a tremendous legacy to heal and help people.  Maybe this entire topic will be a wake-up call for him and for him to follow his passion.  He has seen the dark side (and light side) of fame.  I am going to bet he is not liking the dark side.  What a statement he would be making about himself and the "health entertainment industry" by leaving his show and focusing on real healing and medicine.  I hope he really thinks about this option.  

Again, thank you Katie for sharing your thoughts.  Hope our paths cross again.  

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