Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Festival - Day 2 (Part 1) Shalane, Sarah & Skirts

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The morning plans were to meet up with the other bloggers and run with the November Project.  My body had another idea.  I was more exhausted than I realized after my travels, dinner and dealing with the luggage situation I didn't set my alarm.  I didn't wake up until after 7am and they were meeting at 6am.  Oops.

So, I decided to go for a shake out run around campus.  I wanted to see the famous bell tower.  It was located next to St Mary's Hall (which is under renovation).

Here I am by the Bell Tower.  I have always had a fascination with bell towers. They stand and sound so elegant and regal to me.

I ran for 2 miles.  After my stomach issues of the week, it felt good to get out and get the legs moving without any pain.

Back to my dorm room and get ready for the day.  We had a big morning planned meeting our guest speakers and some of our sponsors.  I was looking forward to meeting some of the other bloggers, too.

The bloggers gathered and a few were full of questions on where I was this morning.  Yea, it was my fault.  

Our first guest speaker was Sarah Reinertsen. She was the first woman amputee to finish the Kona Ironman.  Her first love was running, but obviously she has excelled in Tri sports.  I couldn't even finish a Half Ironman, let alone Kona. She spoke of her story and how she stays motivated when she is clearly at a disadvantage to the sports community.  If I was ever to participate in a Tri, she would be my motivation & inspiration.

 Little did I know...what an impact this wonderful person would be in my life, very soon. 

Check our her website at

Next, our Running Sweetheart, Shalane Flanagan.  What can I say about her that hasn't already been said?  She is warm, kind and very smart.  Listening to her story and of course, the Boston Marathon came up several times.  Looking at her body language and her eyes, I could see it still was a painful memory to her.  I just hope she realizes how proud we are of her and she should embrace her PR.  As she said, she is competing against a woman who ran the last 5k faster than the men.  Shalane has a great career ahead of her and I believe she will be on many more podiums to come.  She is truly an inspiration to so many - men & women, alike.

Onward to some goofy fun.  Running Skirt's presentation was for us to participate in a Running Skirts Olympics.  Bloggers were paired up into two teams.  We had to use Running Skirts gear to create a fashion show.  Okay. far out of my element here!  I have to model a model skirt. Well, I soon discovered they had shirts, socks and more.  While I did wear a skirt, I did have other gear too.  They created a fun video to show off our creations - CLICK HERE to see the video (my walk is at 1:30)

After our modeling debut, we were off to a short break, returned for lunch & onto the Expo.  That is Part 2.

*Disclaimer:   I was an invited guest blogger to the Inaugural Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Half Festival in Boston.  The views, reviews and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the organizers nor sponsors or any other company/individual affiliated with the event.

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