Monday, June 9, 2014

Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Festival | A Thank You

This is a week of all things Heart Break Hill Festival.  Considering, I spent 4 wonderful day in Boston, it will take me at least that long to share with you all the fun, exhausting and often emotional details of that weekend.

Tomorrow, I begin with reporting. Today.  I begin with my gratitude to my hosts, the sponsors and all who were involved with this weekend.

Laura Beachy -  she is by far the best PR Coordinator I have had the pleasure of working with both professionally and personally.  Being that I work in the Entertainment industry, I have seen it all and experienced it all.  Not only is she a great organizer, she is a great athlete.  Just ask her about her recent 100 miler racer...yes, running race.

To my fellow bloggers -  I joined a team of 19 other bloggers (mostly from the East or MidWest, I believe).  Our backgrounds were diversified and quite unique.  I enjoyed spending time with so many of them and hearing about their athletic adventures.  Hope to see you, all again very soon.

To the sponsors -  Your generosity was overwhelming. Thank you for all you gave and offered us.

To Runner's World staff and Editors - what an amazing group of people you are!  To my dormmates, Katie McDonald Neitz, Joanna Sayago Golub and Kira Wright.  I enjoyed our quick hello's and chances we had to chat! 

Tomorrow, I begin the reporting of the night I arrived in Boston.  As many of you story begins with a simple. little cardboard box.  

*Disclaimer:   I was an invited guest blogger to the Inaugural Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Half Festival in Boston.  The views, reviews and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the organizers nor sponsors or any other company/individual affiliated with the event.

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