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How to Manage Your Runs & Emotions Post Injury | It's Worth It

Hello FAB-O friends,

I received an FB inbox message from a fellow runner who is struggling, both physically & emotionally (we all have been there). This person wanted to know how did I manage to come back after an injury that kept me from running for 14 weeks.  I will share with you some insight how I dealt with the physical and emotional hurdles, post injury. 

1. When you start running, the hard part begins. You will not pick up where you left off, you will be way behind. Accept it and know it is only temporary. Every run you do, gives you greater strength and healing.

2. You must be patient and not rush it, or you will injure yourself again. I began running on December 19th, but I didn't feel I had my runner legs until mid-March. That's 4 months. I ran my first 5k, 2 weeks afterwards (moderate pace), my first 10k 4 weeks later (moderate fast pace) and my first Half, 6 weeks later at moderate fast-fast pace with 4 walk breaks to ease the stress on my leg, per the Dr's orders.  

3. Find motivation within yourself and keep focused on the long term goals. My goal during my injury phase and even now is to get to Boston in 2016. It cannot happen unless I achieve other short term goals, in this journey. Short terms gains should not sacrifice your long term goals.  I have said this over and over - I gave up 8 races during that 14+ weeks.  2 of those races were my focus races.  Could I have run them?  I believe I could of, but at what cost?  Was a medal or to say "I did it" worth the long term risk?  I can say without any hesitation, it would of not been worth the risk. 

4. For me, I found motivational videos on youtube to keep my attitude in check. This is one of my favorites: http://bit.ly/1e1490h.   Watch it, you will love it!

5. Most importantly, surround yourself with people who will accept your temporary limitations, but also encourage you to strive to improve, daily. Don't put yourself around people who will attend your pity party. Stop looking for sympathy and keep moving forward towards your goals.

6. Eat right. Not just once a week or the day before a run, but every day. Treat your body with respect. The healthier you are, the faster and stronger you will be, very soon.

7. Never, ever give up on your dreams. I had plenty of people believe I was done with my competitive racing. My naysayers (and I have many) do not motivate me, at all. I will not allow naysayers to have that much power or energy in my life. I am motivated by what I believe I can do. I have an amazing coach and mentors, who push me to greater things and the results have proven them right.

8. Enjoy the journey. Remember, when you are getting impatient, the alternative is not running. Let's not go there, again.

If you have suffered from an injury, how did you manage to get back into training and racing? 

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