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Motivational May Spotlight - Day 27 | Forrest Wise

As I continue my journey to reveal the most influential and inspirational people, events or other in my running career.  While there are hundreds and hundreds of people who have been a part of my running career and I am very grateful for the role they are in my life, I will be share with you the most inspirational.

Some you will know, some will be no surprise, but others may be.  I promised these posts will be raw, truthful and sometimes emotional.  Maybe in these posts you will find your own inspirational or feel compelled to thank those around you.

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Years before I started running, one of my friends (met his and his family during our residence in TN) lost over 100 lbs and became a runner.  I watched in AWE as he ran 60 (or was it 65?) miles on his birthday.

A kind and gentle soul that has made a lasting imprint on my family, for many personal reasons.

Since I began running, he has had a series of set backs and we have yet to run a race together.  That is a dream of mine, unfilled.  One day, I want to run/walk/crawl a half marathon with him, step by step.  The man who truly, truly inspired me to run.  One day, I want to cross that finish line with him. 

Every half marathon, I dedicate a mile to someone who has inspired me.  Since 2010, Forrest has been my Mile 5, for every half marathon.  At Mile 5, I think about him and how he has made such a lasting impact on so many people's lives.  

Forrest Wise of Hendersonville, TN.  

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