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Motivational May Spotlight - Day 23 | Mark Jones of Runner Challenge

As I continue my journey to reveal the most influential and inspirational people, events or other in my running career.  While there are hundreds and hundreds of people who have been a part of my running career and I am very grateful for the role they are in my life, I will be share with you the most inspirational.

Some you will know, some will be no surprise, but others may be.  I promised these posts will be raw, truthful and sometimes emotional.  Maybe in these posts you will find your own inspirational or feel compelled to thank those around you.

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I officially met Mark in 2012, at the Hollywood Half Marathon, but he remembers meeting me at the Awesome 80's 2013 (Las Vegas). Since then, and through my connection with Team Super Hero, we have developed a great professional relationship.

After my LAM experience (I call it a disaster, even though others do not) - I went to Mark seeking additional advice to build my hammie and glute strength.  My continual pain in those areas during a full was at it's peak and no matter how much I worked them out, nothing changed. My legs continually give out at Mile 18 or sooner. 

Mark gave me a workout program and less than a month later, I PR'd on my Half Marathon by 2 minutes - a goal that I had chased for over 2 years.  The closest I had gotten to my PR was by 4 minutes.  A month later, I set another PR by 20 seconds.  2 PR's in 2 months.

In addition to Mark being a great fitness advisor for my running career, I have had the honor of being a part of his Runner Challenge program.  If I had not seen the results of his participants with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it.  He asked me to come on as a Running Coach and mentor the participants.  Very quickly, we started to see weight loss, lean muscle development and race PR's. 

Mark inspires me because of his passion to see people healthy. He holds nothing back, because people's lives are at risk.  He inspires me, because when I was at a very low point (post LAM) he believed enough in my abilities to give me a program. 

Mark, not only do you inspire me you are inspire the masses.  Thank you for being who you are and leading the charge to a healthy runner lifestyle.  

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