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Motivational May Spotlight - Day 14 | Julia Beavers

As I continue my journey to reveal the most influential and inspirational people, events or other in my running career.  While there are hundreds and hundreds of people who have been a part of my running career and I am very grateful for the role they are in my life, I will be share with you the most inspirational.

Some you will know, some will be no surprise, but others may be.  I promised these posts will be raw, truthful and sometimes emotional.  Maybe in these posts you will find your own inspirational or feel compelled to thank those around you.


Today, I am going to spotlight one of my best friends, Julia Beavers.  We met in 2011 at my first 5k, which was about a month after my first-ever race, a Half Marathon.  I showed up at the 5k, not sure what to think or even what was a "good time".  I just ran and was done. When I was awarded 3rd place overall, Julia was standing near me when I asked the RD, "is this a good thing?"

I had not raced in shorter distances in 30 years, I wasn't sure what the new rules of racing were.  I remember Julia laughing (at me) and we then giggled together. From that moment, we became friends and went from meeting at races to actually spending time together away from races. 

She now lives in CA and I miss her dearly but we still connect almost every day.  She has been my constant person of support and many times has been my defender when others have wronged me, she is quick to come to my defense and speak truth into the situation.

I could never thank her enough for her kindness, her loyalty and friendship.  In some of my darkest moments, she was my only shinning light. 

Thank you, Julia. I love you.

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