Friday, May 30, 2014

GREAT NEWS! Introducing the Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Festival Blogging Team!

I cannot believe it's less than a week until I arrive at the Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Festival!  Having the opportunity to be in Boston to run on part of the famous Boston Marathon course, is mind boggling.

It's like God dropped down a little piece of heaven into my life to show me of what is to come as I set my eyes on Boston 2016.  

I begin my journey on Thursday and a very long plane ride to the East Coast.  I will be joined by other invited bloggers for the weekend.  I am thrilled to share with you the list of names of the Runners World Heartbreak Hill Festival blogging team.  I am including their blog URL's, so please take a moment to check out their blogs and follow all of us on twitter to get all the details from the weekend.   

o   Julie Fagan:
o   Christina Haupert:
o   Charlene Ragsdale:
o   Matt Frasier:
o   Caitlin Boyle:
o   Anne Mauney:
o   Katie Foster:
o   Sarah Dussault:
o   Jason Fitzgerald:
o   Dorothy Beal:
o   Theodora Blanchfield:
o   Presley Salmon:
o   Amanda Brooks:
o   Katy Widrick:
o   Karla Bruning:
o   Marnie Kunz:
o   Sarah Pardus:
o   Larisa Dixon:
o   Jessica Grimes:
o   Dani Holmes-Kirk:

->  Here is the RW bloggers twitter list :

I wonder if there will be any other Las Vegas runners at this event?  This will be my first time to venture into the East Coast for a race (but certainly not my first travels to the East Coast).  

Stay tuned. It's going to be a great weekend! 

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