Thursday, May 29, 2014

*CHAR SHARES* Why I Don't CrossFit | It May Come As a Surprise

The blogging world is all a buzz about a person who has chosen to post about their dislike of Cross-Fit and their proof on why no one should be a cross-fitter. 

Let me jump on this bandwagon and tell you why I don’t Cross-Fit

  • 1.        It doesn’t interest me.  I dislike gyms and working out in a building with others.  In the 1980’s I worked and worked out in gyms 24/7.  I have tried to get back into the gym on a few occasions only to walk out wanting to hurl from the smell and idea of being around sweaty bodies in closed rooms.

  • 2.       I will say it again, it doesn’t interest me.  But, I have watched it on TV!

  • 3.       And for the 3rd time, it doesn’t interest me.  Enough said.

With that…it may come as a surprise that not all my friends are runners.  Shocking, I know.  I have a world outside of running.  I also have several friends who are Cross-Fitters.  That might be more shocking as there seems to be a myth that Cross-Fitters dislike runners and runners dislike Cross-Fitters.

I have news for you.  My personal Cross-Fit friends are all runners. Competitive runners, too.  


Everyone has a right to their opinion (as I am expressing mine, at this moment) - I do have issue with any person in any sport who is taking the energy and time to slam another person’s fitness goals.  Why do you care?  Is it affecting your life?  I doubt it is.  My friends talk about Cross-fit WOD’s in front of me, I am not left out of the conversation.  I enjoy hearing about their achievements.

So, as a person who is not interested in Cross-Fit and doubt will ever be, I say to my Cross Fit friends – keep at it!  Glad you found your passion and it is helping you achieve your fitness goals.

I would say the same to the person who works out with aqua aerobics, spinning, Body Pump and more. God made our minds and bodies differently.  Not everyone is going to be a runner, cyclist or swimmer.  Celebrate the differences, instead of trying to tear them down.

I dislike gyms, it nears the line of loathing gyms.  But, I will applaud those who do love that experience.   

Showing respect and kindness goes very far. 

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