Friday, May 2, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Artic Chill Spheres

Awhile back I was offered the opportunity to review the Artic Chill Ice Spheres.  Interesting concept, so I thought, why not?

The box arrived and they contain sphere or orbs of silicone.  Fill it with your favorite freezable liquid and pop into the freezer over night.

From their website:
  • Enjoy ice cold beverages for hours. Spheres keep your drinks cold up to 10 times longer than cubes
  • 2.5 inch ice spheres keeps fine whiskey chilled and looks fab in drinks.
  • Quick release, non stick silicone molds.
  • High quality BPA Free, FDA approved, nonporous silicone molds! Easy to clean just pop it in the dishwasher!
  • Backed by our lifetime guarantee.

PRO's - The spheres are larger size, perfect for large glasses and drinks.  The large sphere gives a great appearance and most importantly, the ice does not melt as quickly.  You can use any liquid you want.  I tried various juices, like lemon, orange and lime. Sphere's also come in a variety of colors.

CON's - Wish they were small enough to fit into a water bottle.  As an athlete this would be a great thing to have.  Slow melting ice cubes.  A little pricey at $19.97 for a set of four.  I can see this product would be a great feature in higher end, kitchen/gourmet stores. 

It's a great item to have in the freezer for those long, hot summer days when you need slow melting ice to keep your drinks cold.

To purchase the Artic Chill at Amazon: ice ball maker

Thank you Artic Chill for the opportunity to review your unique product.  Although I received this complimentary product, the views and opinions are my own.  

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