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Upcoming Hollywood Half Marathon Focus | My Running Mama

This weekend is the 3rd Annual Hollywood Half Marathon.  Every year, I look forward to returning to this event. This year, has a special fondness, as it is our flagship race for Team Super Hero.  I trained hard for this race and I believed I could full off a solid performance, post injury.

My last run was Sunday and it was great.  I cranked out some fartleks in the middle miles and was able to push through the wind for a solid wrap up.  Unfortunately, within an hour of my long run finish I received word that my beloved Running Mama, Laura Bowman was in an accident.

For those who do not follow my FAB Running page, here is my announcement:

Laura Bowman - November, 2013

This is the type of post, one hopes they never have to write.

During a short training run to prep for her upcoming first 10k, Laura Bowman fell and hit her head. Initially, we were concerned about a concussion due to the severe wounds in her face. A CT scan revealed a deep fracture of her C2 bone. In other words, Laura broke her neck.

Laura has been in ICU at a local hospital since Sunday. Her son, Kirk Buckley has been by her side. Kirk is a dear family friend to me, my husband and sons.

Today, 4/01 is her surgery. What is the long term prognosis? We are looking at months if not at least one year of healing & rehab. This will be life altering for all of us. But her health is of the utmost priority right now. The risk of paralysis and even death is very high, at her age of 69 years old.

Laura is my Running Mama and the only female "mother" in my life who has show me unconditional love. Her love of my children is unmatched by anyone, my kids are devastated.

Please join me in keeping her & the family in prayer. Critical decisions will need to be made within the coming weeks & months.

I will post an update later, after her surgery is finished.

Laura & Kirk - we love you. You will not walk this journey alone. xo


Many have asked if I will be going to Hollywood this weekend. The answer is, yes.  Laura would throttle me if I did not go.  In fact, she is loaning me one of her charms for me to wear on my shoe during the race.  She has chosen for me to wear the 5K charm, as that is her favorite distance.  Laura was registered to run the 10k and that would of been her first 10k, ever.  As many of you know, she participates in all her races with a walker.  Not only does he walk, she RUNS - while pushing that walker.  

Kirk (her son) will also be racing.  He feels she is in the best of care at the hospital and most importantly, his mom wants him to run.  

I will give HHM all I have, despite my lack of energy and sleep.  My team deserves it and most importantly, Laura & Kirk deserve it.  I covet your prayers to ensure a safe and speedy race for both myself and Kirk.  

Running Mama and I after a run, December 2013
See you in Hollywood!

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