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PROGRAM REVIEW: Runners Challenge | Results Speak for Themselves - *DISCOUNT CODE*

Several months ago, I was approached by Mark Jones (OneFitJam) to be a part of his Pilot Runners Challenge Program.  Not as a participant, but as consultant and a coach.  I believed in Mark and what he was doing so much, I decided to volunteer my time. 

Mark developed a program to help runners lose weight, increase their muscle mass and improve their race times.  He created a Pilot Program for selected runners to participate in, for a market test.  They chose their level of what they wanted to achieve and from there, they were given the guidance of food intake.  No recipes or food plans, per se. Just "this is what you can and cannot eat".  A comprehensive PDF was given to each participant and they were required to submit their measurements and weight to him every week.

Very quickly, I saw a difference in this program like any other.  Accountability.  By sending in their results, they were given immediate feedback on the FB group.  The participants learned while they were not loosing pounds they were loosing inches and fat.  Most importantly, they were gaining muscle mass and strength.

Each day, Mark would give them facebook updates, tips and motivation to move forward.  This also included YouTube videos for fitness routines.  I watched as participants posted their meal photos and photos of their progress.

As the 60 days continued onward, I watched many of my friends slim down, trim up and speed up on their running. I saw many of them for the first time at Surf City.  My mouth dropped open!

Okay - so they look great, what about their running?  Well, since going on the program, many of these participants have PR'd after chasing goals for over a year.  

Mark has developed a one-of-a-kind program that will benefit ANY runner of any fitness level.  I have started on the program myself (NOT for weight loss) but to build lean muscle mass and to improve my running speed.  I can tell you, that I am running stronger and I know, that his nutritional program has been a big factor in my injury healing.  Now, that I am out of my post-injury phase, I look forward to seeing how his guidance (in addition to my regular speed coaching) will benefit my racing.

But, don't just believe me - here are a few of the testimonies: 

Pilot Runner Kendell Craycraft writes: Since beginning the Pilot Runner Challenge, I have had amazing results. Not only have I lost over 5 pounds and 2 inches, I have also seen an over 30 second/mile increase in my running pace. On top of that, I am more fit than I can ever remember. I enjoy the meals I am eating and the workouts Mark has provided, and I can feel myself getting healthier and stronger with each passing day. I don't feel starving, deprived or bored with my food like I have with every fad diet I have tried, and there have been many. The support of others on the challenge has been incomparable, and Mark and his team have been beyond helpful. I cannot say enough about how much Runner Challenge has changed my life, and in only 30 days! For the first time in my entire life I have abs, and multiple people have commented on my new physique! I would recommend this program to anyone.

With just 30 days of the Pilot Runner Challenge Luis Jimenez reduced his fat percentage by 2% shaving 13lbs off his initial weight. He also took 4 inches off his hips and 3 inches off his waistline.

 After 30 Days of the Pilot Runner Challenge Pilot Runner Shelley Merrill has reduced her fat percentage by 6% bringing her weight down by 13lbs. She also took 3.5 inches off her hips and 3 inches off her waist.
Shelley writes about her before and after picture: "Brought down my half marathon time by 17 minutes since October!!! Very happy with the results and I plan to stick to the program. I actually have enjoyed the clean eating, and never really felt too deprived."

Pilot Runner Michael Agyin is a go getter that was able to shave 10lbs off his initial weight. He shares his story of his experience with one of the Runner Challenge Meal Guidelines: "Before the plot runner challenge, As a healthy diabetic I've been thinking about taking my diet to the next level as I want to reach my maximum potential with my health and fitness, while also training for the LA Marathon. The challenge gave me the courage take on a vegan lifestyle. While it's was rough at the start and for a while I wanted to give up, especially when I sustained a foot injury. But with the support of Mark and my vegan and non vegan friends I was able to adapt and make the transition. In my time in the program I have lost 10 pounds became a bit more leaner building abs and have a better overall understanding of nutrition living on a vegan diet. I'm very appreciative for the push to actually try and actually finding some success and making new healthy habits that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Thanks pilot runner challenge!"

 So how can you achieve these HEALTHY, long lasting results?  (Did I mention you receive a tshirt and BLING for your completion of the program?)

Check out  Sign up today and be ready in 60 days to run the race of your life.  While there are never any guarantees for a PR, but imagine feeling stronger while you run?  That can and will happen, if you follow the program.

I am still involved with the program as a Consultant and Coach, so I hope to see your name in the program! Don't delay - the next program round starts on April 6th! 

How would you like a discount code for the program?  I knew you would!  

Free access to the Runner Challenge Core Routine: Guaranteed to strengthen the core and build muscles in the abs, back and glutes, something every runner needs AND a 10% program discount! 


EXPIRES:  3/27/14

I look forward to seeing many of my FAB-O Friends on this program and hearing about your weight loss, muscle mass increase AND great running! 


*DISCLAIMER:  I am not compensated by One Fit Jam/Runners Challenge for this review or my services.  My opinions are of my own and my own observations.  

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