Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How Much Weight Did I Gain During My Injury?

Since my injury and I have moved passed my post-injury phase, I have been asked a lot about my experiences while I waited my 3+ months of no running.

The number 1 question I have been asked, "how much weight did I gain?"

The answer:  3 lbs.  Yes, 3 lbs.

The day I was diagnosed with my plateau fracture, the Doctor impressed upon me the importance of keeping my weight down - to less than 10 lbs gained.  Without running, I felt it was going to be tough.

It was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  Despite I was unable to run during the Holiday time, my weight was very easy to manage. 

I kept my weight gain to a minimum by these simple steps

1.  I ate clean, every day - every meal.  This was not a change in my diet at all.  I ate clean anyways.
2.  I kept my meat intake to a minimum or none at all. Again, not a change in my diet.
3.  I did not indulge in alcoholic beverages.  In the 3 months, I only had one glass of booze.
4.  Snacks were limited to baked chips, fruits & vegetables
5.  I did not eat less, than I typically do.   I sat the same, if not more. 

Working out?  Well, I cannot say I did a very good job at that during my healing phase. As I mentioned in previous blogs, every time I rode a bike or swam, it reminded me I could not run.  There were a few times I did nothing for a week.  When I did workout, I always turned to my favorite, DDPYOGA.

At the end of my 14 1/2 weeks, I was 3 lbs heavier than I was when I was injured.  3 lbs.  As my Dr said, "whoopee"  (insert laugh)

What was noticeable?  My body did a shift and that 3 lbs expanded in my hips and butt.  I knew it, I saw it.  Yet, oh well.  I didn't panic, as I knew it would slim down, when I was cranking the miles again.  I have always been a "hippy" type of gal (and I am not referencing growing up in the 1970's).

Here I am on the night of my first run, December 19, 2013 and 3 lbs heavier.  :)

Now, that my body has shifted back, I am asked "how much weight have you lost?"

My answer?  3 lbs.  I am at the same weight I was when I was injured.

You may notice, I have not disclosed my weight.  I won't.  There are people who will believe I weigh too much and then there are people who will believe I don't weigh enough.  To eliminate such a conversation, I don't disclose my weight.   Very few people who know my weight and one of them is my Doctor.

I eat so I can run & for overall health, I do not run so I can eat.  

My nutrition kept my weight off and healthy during that period of time.  I am glad I chose the nutrition I have.  Not only has it given me optimum health, but it ensured I did not gain weight during my injury recovery, which could of slowed down my healing.

Just another example of how nutrition is the cornerstone of our lives.  Even if we are sedentary, we can keep our weight down & manageable.

I am not on a quest to lose any additional weight.  I suspect it will happen as I enter into my higher mileage training in the next few months.  Rest assured, I am under the watchful eye of my Coach & Doctor.  I do monitor my weight to always make sure I am in a healthy range.

I love food. I love fresh, colorful and tasty food!  The more the better!

For those who are running to keep your weight down, I encourage you to seek different nutrition.  If you think an injury is never going to happen - it can happen as a freak accident, just like myself (tripping over a manhole cover & smashing my leg).  Seek health first with your running, not use running as an excuse to over indulge or justify bad eating or drinking habits.  Your body will reward you.

Have you been injured and unable to run?  How did you keep your weight off or down? 

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  1. I wish to lose about 30 pounds. I love to run. I do not run to lose weight. I want to lose weight to make it easier to run (I have had both knees replaced and two back surgeries). Congratulations on your healthy, successful nutrition plan.

    1. Hi Betty, Happy to hear you love running and you are on a great healthy journey. Good for you! In regards to your desire to lose 30 lbs, did you read my blog about the Runner Challenge? Here it is - it may be exactly what you are looking for (plus a great discount code) http://fabrunning.blogspot.com/2014/03/program-review-runners-challenge.html

    2. Thanks for the info. At this time I'm trying to recover from overtraining. I am working with a personal trainer for strength training and with a coach for running. That is about as much as I can handle.

    3. Sorry to hear about your over training, but you are very wise to seek out a trained trainer and coach. Keep me posted on your progress, okay?


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