Monday, March 17, 2014

Do You Have the Luck of the Irish? | Here is a Tip

Happy St Patrick's Day to all my Irish and Irish-loving FAB-O Friends!

Today, the world is green and sharing luck, wherever we go.  As you know, this past weekend I ran a 5k and earned 1st in my Age Group. To set the record straight, I have placed 2nd in my AG at Angel 10k, but the RD does not acknowledge 2nd or 3rd place AG, only 1st.

However, this 1st place AG meant more to me than most of my Overall awards, in the past year or two.  Simply, it was the location and why I was at the race.  It was a major triumph to feel that good after my injury and less than a week after LAM.  I felt more accomplished after this race, than I have many others. 

Today, we talk about luck and how we can find luck in our lives.  Luck is a result of hard work. Whether it be your job, your relationship and yes, your running.  Funny, how those who work hard at their goals, always seem to be the most luckiest.

I don't consider myself lucky I was able to earn the 1st place or that my injury recovery went so well.  I followed the plan and I stuck to it.  It was not luck, it was not genes.  What people see is the end result, not the hours and hours of training and rehab I went through.

So, on this day of LUCK (and lots of green) - I wish you all the focus to achieve your goals.  When you do, you surely will be LUCKY in your results.

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