Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Training Logs | To Do or Not To Do

I began logging my training runs and workouts in 2011. Why?  To keep track of the mileage on my shoes.

During the past 3 years, my training log has served as a time to reflect and go back on what has worked and has not worked.  It has helped me keep my mileage in check.  During my injury phase from September - December, I logged very few of my workouts.  Something was missing, if I could not record a run.

Now, that I am back to training, I am more diligent about my training log than every before.  It has served several purposes.

1.  Keeping my mileage in check to ensure I am running encough but most importantly for my Dr to ensure I am not running too much.
2. I have entered into the speedwork and tempo run phase, I can keep track of my workouts and hopefully, see progress.
3.  It is such a misconception that post-injury an athlete can pick up right where they left off.  So wrong.  I want to show everyone that it's like starting over, but one has to keep moving forward.  I won't wallow in my misery, but I will be honest in how I feel. As I continue to progress and work my way back to where I was, I can look back and say, "hey, a month ago I was doing X and now I can do X"

I encourage all of you to keep a log of your training.  Use it as a source of inspiration and motivation. If you do keep a log, what do you use?  Spreadsheet?  Online? 

I use DailyMile.  You can follow me here  

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