Friday, February 21, 2014

Another Gluten Free Family Member


In December 2012, I discovered that I needed to be Gluten Free. Click here for my original blog post.  After removing gluten from my diet for a number of days, my stomach discomfort for over a year, vanished.   I have been GF since December 28, 2012.

My family & friends immediately accommodated, as they saw the immediate results. When going out, they always called ahead to check on menu options.  We are all aware of it, but it was not the center of our lives.  I focused on what I could eat vs what I could not.

Since then, my health continues to improve and being GF has opened up doors to speak to other athletes about non-gluten options.  Being gluten free is not removing wheat, only.  We cannot eat barley, rye and soy products. 

The past few months, my youngest son has been complaining of stomach discomfort.  Initially, it looked like he was lactose intolerant.   Staying away from cheese and other dairy only partly worked.  The decision was made to put him on a gluten free diet. 

  • Within 24 hours, he was not as gassy
  • Within 48 hours, he didn't wake up with dark circles under his eyes & had energy
  • Within 72 hours, not one stomach issue
  • Within a week, he had not had one emergency bathroom break.  
He is happier and certainly has more spunk in his step.   

Those who know he is GF immediately ask, "how is he taking it?"

My reply, "just fine, because we focus on what he can eat vs what he cannot"  We have GF pasta (which I love), GF pancake mix and more.  He makes smoothies everyday with the NutriBullet and eat corn tortillas vs bread for his sandwiches. 

We have been exploring different recipes to try and he is excited to see what he can eat.  One of our next investments will be a Dessert Bullet, so we can make homemade soft serve "ice cream", since so many ice creams or frozen yogurts contain malts or wheat.  Yes, ice cream often contains wheat or is made in a facility with the risk of wheat. 

As I noted in my original post, food will not define me, nor will it define my son.  If we want a special treat, such as a cupcake or cookie, we have many options. For now. we keep our household diet the same as it always has been.  Fresh, homemade and most importantly, full of flavor. 

*For the record, my son did not inherit gluten-intolerance from me.  He is not my biological child. 

How are you helping your child adjust to a gluten free lifestyle?

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