Friday, December 20, 2013

My First Run, Post Injury | Time to Rebuild

Over 13 weeks ago, I ran my last run.  It's been an emotionally difficult time to wait to run, again.

Being at races that I was scheduled to run and seeing the racers leave from the Finish Line, without me.  Every time I swam or sat on a bike, it only reminded me, that I could not run.

I had my last MRI on December 4th & I was cleared to run on December 5th.  Wow!  To say it was a miracle is almost an understatement, the odds were against me.  My age and the placement of the fracture, were not in my favor.  No matter how careful I was, the body had to decide how fast it wanted to heal. 

I was hoping for 75% healing.  I got far more, than I ever dreamed of. 

The Dr and I were left with two choices

1.  Run ASAP
2.  Or wait 2 more weeks and continue the treatment plan.  Just in case. 

It was obvious, I would wait 2 more weeks.  I had waited this long, why risk it? 

Last night, surrounded by my a few Vegas running friends, my husband & my runner kiddo.  I took my first running steps on the place I ran my first-ever mile in 2010.

Socks from one of my BFF's, Julia Beavers

Group photo, pre-run.  (L to R) Husband, myself, runner kiddo and Kirk Buckley.  (Not pictured:  Daniel & Jacqeline Widdis)
My Runner BFF, Angela Wozniak

How did the run feel?  I was scared to death.  I think the fear was stronger than the joy of being able to run.  Under the watchful eye of my friends and husband, I ran a very conservative 3 miles.  Trooper friend, Kirk Buckley was in charge of watching my form the entire 3 miles.  He let me know when my foot strike was off or when I was starting to hunch over at the shoulders.  I feel like I am learning to run, again.  (I did wear my customary knee pad, just in case I took a tumble)

No pain. Some twangs of "okay, what are you doing?" but nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected. At mile 2, I could tell my legs really wanted to open up and kick into the speed, but luckily Kirk held me back.

For the next 2 weeks, I have a very easy program to followed, Dr directed.  I am to run no more than 5 miles a da (every other day) and on soft dirt or grass, preferably.  No pavement, at all.  Camarillo is strong possibility, but we have to see how my legs react to the mileage, between now and then.  

For now, I am relishing I have entered my rebuilding phase.  It will take me 3-4 months to be back to where I was post-injury.   I am still under the care Dr's guidance, we are not leaving anything to chance to hinder my long term health or achieving my racing goals.

My special thanks to my incredible husband, Billy Ragsdale and my friends,  Kirk Buckley, Angela Wozniak, Jacqueline & Daniel Widdis for coming out to join me in my special run.  You are all remarkable friends. Thank you for being my running family, the siblings I have never had and for giving me the strength to never lose sight of my goals.

To those who could not make the run last night but were with me every step of the way, Julia Beavers, Andrea Kooiman, Jill Whitaker, Casey Chernesky, Rob Erekson, Ryan Erekson, Scott Gibson, Laura Mildon, Karen Zehner, Marina White & Kristi Cranford.    

I cannot wait to get back to the Start Line. 

Post run celebration.  This toast is for Ken & Sabrina Nwadike - thank you for putting your faith in me!

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  1. I am so happy for you. I know how difficult it is to be sidelined. Take it easy for now, and when it feels right, run like you stole something. - ROXANNA

    1. Thank you, Roxanna! Your constant support and inspiration has been a blessing to me. I always enjoy reading your FB posts.

  2. It's wonderful to see you back in action. It has been so difficult to watch from the sidelines, and now you're getting ready to be the crusher that you are. Talk about a wonderful Merry Christmas gift - Charlene runs again!

    1. Thank you, Laura! You have been my salvation in this journey. Thank you for always being there and being such a great sounding board of all my gripes and woes.


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