Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Time to Make Others Smile | Join Me

Today marks the half way point of my rehab.  If I am healing on time, in 4 weeks - I will be running again.  

Yet, my mind is on something else. Something that has been stirring in my heart for a long time.  I have shared my burden with many and it's time to take some action.

In May, this video was circulating throughout social media.  It stirred my soul and I have not stopped thinking about it.

 CLICK HERE -> http://tinyurl.com/MakeTheHomelessSmile

Saturday, December 21st - I am going to do something about it and I hope you will join me. 

Myself and a group of friends will be going to the streets of Las Vegas and taking food and clothing to the people.  While we could take it to the shelters, I want to take it directly to the people.


I was one of them, at one time in my life. When you have lived in your car or slept on a street bench, it forever changes you.   When you feel like you have to beg for food, you never forget the physical and emotional pain.  While my time as homeless was short, it happened. To some, it's their way of life and they should not be cast aside.  They are human's and you never know what spirit lies within them.  

My children have been with me as we travel to different states and I will pull over to buy burgers, fries for those on the side of the road.  They have gone into stores and used their own monies to help the person on the street corner.  Each time..I cry.  I cry because I still remember the pain and agony of being without.  I wish that on no one, ever. 

There were moments in my life, my "home" was my car and I would not know when my next meal would come from.  Ego and pride would not let me go to a shelter.

In later years, I have stood in line at the food banks, only to walk out to see others standing on the streets without anything.  I was one of the lucky ones.  

I am asking my Las Vegas friends to join me as I hand out apples, oranges, bananas, water, running shirts, race day drawstring bags and more.  I will also be bringing with me cat & dog food,for their pets.  I am not asking, nor accepting donations or money - this is an invitation, only.  

If you are not in Las Vegas and would like to join me, please do so, in your own city.  I know I cannot possibly feed every person in Vegas, but I will give what I can and to who I can.  What matters is that they see people care.   That care and compassion will be forever branded in their hearts. 

Time to make our city smile...

Stay tuned for more details. 

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