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4 Weeks Down & Hopefully Only 4 More To Go | The Boredom of Rehab

Yesterday, I posted I was 4 weeks into rehab of my tibia plateau fracture, it seems a few of you wanted more details on how my rehab time is going.

The #1 question I am asked, "how is the rehab going?

My reply, "I have no idea if my bone is healing or not"

When I had my MRI 4+ weeks ago, I was feeling great.  In fact, after the MRI, I took a jog around the parking lot and 2 runs in the next few days.  I have not had any pain since the immobilizing pain of September.  In other words, pain or no pain is not an indicator of my healing. 

I spent 2 full days and nights in Disneyland, last week. Took many walk breaks.  My legs felt tired, but certainly no pain.

I won't know if I am healed until I get my next MRI at the end of the month (7+ weeks into rehab).

How do I feel it's going?  Eh.  I am bored out of my skull with cycling, but I need to cycle to ride along side my son as he trains for his first half marathon.  The time on the bike is taking it's toll on my son, he was so looking forward to me running with him, all these training runs.  Luckily, fellow Trooper Kirk Buckley will be training with him this weekend.   Kiddo will like the company.

I got back into the pool this weekend and a few times during my aqua jogging, I closed my eyes, I felt like I was really running.  It was blissful. 

Like most of you, I watched the New York Marathon.  I couldn't keep my eyes off the TV and I enjoyed every moment.  There were a few times I got misty eyed - seeing racers run across the finish line.  I miss that, a lot!  I miss the thrill of a good run.  I miss racing and knowing I have given it my all.  Dropping out on 8 races, that I was going to run, is still very upsettting to me.  Knowing I will not be able to defend my 2 time Turkey Trot Master's Title is gut wrenching at times, but I look into 2014.  I am keeping my eyes on my son's first Half Marathon in January + Surf City Marathon + Los Angeles Marathon (maybe).  While I know I will not be 100% trained for any of those races, it will do my mind (and body) so much good to be there and be in the racing state of mind.  

My goal for 2013?  To run on 12/07.   That is where my eyes and thoughts are fixed.  As long as my body has healed on schedule...I will be running that day.  I have followed the Dr's orders to the letter (and then some). The rest is up to God and how He sees to heal my leg.  It's not a matter of if my leg will heal, but when. 

Many have asked what will I do to ensure this doesn't happen again?   I only have one reply, "I won't fall during a race again".  This injury was caused by a fall.  Prior to that, I had been 2 1/2 years injury free because I worked diligently on my form.   This injury was not a result of bad form, it was a freak accident that was compounded when I went onto a trampoline. 

Others have asked, what have I learned during this time?  I have learned who truly cares about others.  Those who I thought didn't give a darn about my existence have stepped up and offered support, friendship and help.  Unfortunately, some people I thought were "friends" have proven to be quite the opposite.

I will take many experiences from this rehab time and will be grateful I have a whole body that can heal.  I believe I will be back on the pavement in 2013 and on the race course in 2014.

Thank you again for your concern...onward onto another week and closer to 100% healing!

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