Friday, October 18, 2013

Less Than 7 Weeks Update | Weight Gain

It's been a week and half since the MRI diagnosis and it's hard for me to grasp that I am injured.  I feel like I should walk around with my cane or crutches, just so it feels real.  Given the placement of the fracture - 3 Dr's have recommended no cast or brace.  They are concerned about arthritis building up in my knee, if it is kept immoble.  

I went on my first swim this week.  I spent over an hour in the pool doing laps, doing laps with the kick board and aqua jogging.  Felt a good quad burn.   I am still not a fan of swimming, but I like it better than cycling.

On my solo cycling outings I will wear my garmin and move along at my typical race speed. That makes me happy, so I feel like I am at my run speed.

My other workouts consistent of DDPYOGA and additional ab workouts. 

It's been a life adjustment for sure and planning our upcoming Disney trip has been unique, but nothing will hamper our trip, not even my leg.  

Overall, the worst of the emotions have been dealt with, now I play the waiting game to see if I can in fact run at 8 weeks. Dr's say 6-8 weeks, so I am taking the 8 weeks, to make sure. 

Of all things I worry about, I worry about gaining weight the most.  I don't want the added pressure on my bones and joints of added weight. I have seen way too many athlete friends gain weight after their injuries, I want to prevent that from happening to me. Weight can creep up so quickly!

I have kept my diet the same and with the exception of a few dark chocolate covered almonds from time to time - my diet remains clean.  I am happy to report, I have not gained a pound.  Not even a half of pound.  My weight has stayed steady and that makes me happy. I am not looking to lose weight, either - so I want to make sure I am not dropping weight.

An extra 5 lbs is not good for healing bones and certainly will not help me when I get back into the swing of training.  There are some studies that gaining 5lbs is like adding 20 additional lbs of impact on runner knees.

I am not comfortable with constantly weighing myself all the time, it is just a number - but in this instance, it is a valuable tool to keep me in check to ensure my recovery and long term health.  When the 8 weeks is up...bye bye scale.  

Less than 7 weeks to go!

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