Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another Week of Rehab Is Complete

6 more weeks to go, but who is counting?  (me!)

This past week was a real struggle to stay motivated to work out.  I did my first swim and I like swimming better than cycling. I plan to keep aqua jogging after rehab, but cycling?  Not so much.

I developed a weekly workout schedule for myself, to keep myself accountable and on track instead of "what do I want to do today?"  (nothing!)

Above is an example my workout schedule. What I do for Abs and Hips do vary.  Essentially, you could call that Core, but I call it Abs & Hips.

On my rest days, they are rest from Yoga, Cycling or Swimming, but my goal is to do Abs & Hips on those days.

Time is slowing ticking away, it's been unbelievably hard to deal with the emotions.  There have been moments of feeling "blue" or even "depressed" but this past week, I wasn't a bucket of tears, like I was the week before.

Speaking with several runners, including those in the Elite status - they have shared the same emotions and thoughts when they were injured. Anxiety, worry (will I ever regain my fitness?), restlessness and feeling isolated.

I will be going to the IronGirl Vegas next weekend to root on Angela, Jacqueline and Karen.  That should be fun, I have never been to a Tri event.  I do watch them on TV, though. My mental and emotional state are doing well this week, and I feel much better than I have in weeks past.

People are also asking me if I am in a cast or brace or boot.  As I originally posted, the Dr's believe I do not and should not be in a cast or booth because of the placement of the fracture.  If it is immobilized, I will develop knee arthritis.  However, I am wearing KT Tape daily to provide compression.  I also have very cushioned insole for my shoes. 

I am still crossing my fingers that the insurance will approve another MRI before my 8 weeks. I need that peace of mind to know it is 100% healed before I run my first step.

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