Thursday, September 12, 2013

Running the Boston Marathon | Does It Really Matter?

Photo: Boston Athletic Association

This week, the registration for the Boston Marathon 2014 opened up.  I have several friends who have qualified and I am as anxious as them to see if they can get in. I am so excited for them!

Each of them, have worked tirelessly to achieve and earn the right to be there.  A few of them, have never been to Boston, so this is extra special to them.

As with any good moments, there will be some interesting conversations via Twitter and Facebook.  I was struck by the range of opinions of who should and shouldn't be at Boston.  Since you follow my blog, you know that I will never run Boston, unless I earn it.  I have been offered to be a part of a few teams and I have turned them down. I want to earn my right to be at the Start and receive the coveted medal. I realize that is not an opinion that is shared, but this is my value system.

This week, several runners have expressed their displeasure towards those who have never ran a race and now, want to run Boston.  I find that attitude rather alarming.  Shouldn't our racing community be welcoming to all of those who want to run?  

Why is it so wrong that people were inspired to run after the Boston Bombings?  I see no harm in their desire to be a part of Boston.  In fact, I am humbled by so many who are inspired to be a part of this time of celebration in our community. 

Who are we to judge their intentions or even call them "Bandwagon Boston Runners"?  That makes me sad to hear runners call newbie Boston runners by that name.  I was the worst critic of long distance runners, but something inspired me to try.  Then, someone welcomed me into the community, why can't we welcome our new runners on this very important day?

We all have something that inspired us to run and as I see it, as long as someone is inspired to run, that is all that matters. 

Should we welcome them or shun them?

Why shouldn't welcome and thank our new runner friends to share in our journey of healing and hope?  If you don't want to run Boston, then don't - but please don't judge those who wish to be a part of our incredible community, regardless of what inspired them.

I prefer to put out the Welcome Mat vs shut the door on them.

Enjoy Boston!  

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