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RACE REPORT #3 - Disneyalnd 5K & 10k | Running in a Costume


Today was very special for me and my husband.  We had planned since last year to run in costume.  We chose the Peter Pan theme, because my husband is an obsessive Peter Pan fan.  He was Peter Pan and I was Captain Hook.  We had our Ladybug dressed up as Tinkerbell.  It took me months to plan out how to design and create a Captain Hook costume that would be runner friendly.  I knew, the weekend would be warm and I was not going to be wearing the traditional costume.

Here we are in the hotel hallway.  I am seriously wondering how I am going to run in this costume.  My husband would be holding onto my hook and sword while I run the 5k.

"Captain Hook"

"Peter Pan" and "Tinkerbell"

On Saturday AM, my head was still pounding, but I had it in my mind I would beat this and I could run through it. Often, I can go running and the headache will go away. I was crossing my fingers. 

First up - the 5k!   I moved to the very front of the Corrals so I could get finished as quickly as possible to get to the 10k start corrals, to meet up with my husband.   I knew I could keep a comfortable 25 minute pace and gives me 20 minutes to get to the 10k corrals.  I was suppose to meet a few friends at the front, so we could warm-up together, but they never showed up.

We started at 5:30am.  The 5k is a Family fun run and not timed, officially. Which means, no chip timing.  No biggie, it was a warm up for me for the weekend.

At 5:30 our wonderul race announcers, Rudy and Clarissa gave us the GO!  All but a few hundred yards of the race was in the Disneyland Park.  You know I like this course! Anytime, I can be in the park, I am a happy person.

In typical Disney fashion, the Cast Members were cheering us on.  It was fun, it was a smaller crowd but still fun.   The Cast Members and other spectators seemed to get a kick out of my costume.  Especially the mustache!

As soon as I received my medal (I like the plastic, some people don't - but I like it) I made my way to the 10k corrals.

There was a big bottleneck at one point and once again, runners were getting rude and in a panic.  If they would of just LOOKED, they could see they were directing runners from all directions.  We all had to get to our corrals, it's not like they were ignoring us.   And guess what?  Everyone got to their corrals on time.  Amazing how that happened, huh?  I have complete faith in runDisney and their ability to manage crowds. 

On my way to the corrals, I saw buddies, Louie/Terri Perez and Dianne Chan.   That was a good moment. 

I found my husband in Corral E and SURPRISE!  I met Bill and Amber Dukes - wonderful Vegas area Troopers!

As the start began and we made our way to the Start Line...Rudy the announcer had to take a double take look at me.  I think I surprised him with my costume.  He gave a shout out to me and my husband, which made my husband very happy.

I told my husband, "this is his run". We run/walk his pace - as long as we don't get swept!  We kept a 2:2 interval at a 14-15 min run pace. When he was walking, I jogged along side of him.  We were chatting and having a great time!  People were stopping us and complimenting us on our costumes.  Made my husband feel very special, I felt weird.  I wasn't overly excited about how my costume turned out.

We headed into CA adventure and FINALLY, I got to meet Pam Medhurst.  Trooper and fellow Team Super Hero Ambassador.  She wore a Crocodile hat, so we HAD to have our picture taken

We made our way into the Magic Kingdom and had a few pictures on Main Street

We continued on and saw these two guys.  They were so much fun!  This is one of my favorite pictures of us

And of course, my picture in front of Small World -

We then got a chance to have our picture taken in front of the Peter Pan ride. This made us happy. (thank you, Amber & Bill!)

At this point, my headache is getting worse and I wanted to finish.  I needed to finish to get some water and sit down.  We were not too far away from the Finish, we only had to run through Downtown Disney.

Husband was loving every moment and I couldn't of been happier for him (and us!) *As of this writing, our Finish Line photos have not been uploaded to MarathonFoto

We finished and off we went to meet up with fellow Team Super Hero Ambassador, for our group photo.  We met at the Disneyland Hotel pool area.

Speaking of Team Super Hero.  Our Leader, Friend and great Race Director, Ken Nwadike - won the 10k!  SUPER happy for him!

Photo:  RunDisney

Hubby was melting and my head was exploding.  Thank you, Terri for getting me a coffee! xo

We headed back to the hotel and I started to feel very uneasy and queasy.  The humidity had taken it's toll on me.  

MISTAKE #1:  I went straight to bed without eating.
MISTAKE #2:  I should of taken a cool shower before going to bed for a nap

My plan was to meet up with fellow Trooper and friend, Mitch to give him the Bacon Challenge Swag bag, I had picked up for him - sometime after 3pm.

Around 2:30pm, I was abruptly woke up by my dogs in a pitch black room.  I freaked, I thought for  sure it was late evening and Mitch was waiting on me.   (My husband had darkened the room, before he and the boys went swimming.)

I woke up feeling worse than I did before and I realized I had not ate.  I gulfed down some quinoa and watermelon.  My neck and back were hurting so bad, I couldn't even raise my right arm to feed myself.  This was not good.

Mitch was on his way and I asked if he would give me a quickie neck massage (he is a licensed Massage Therapist), he agreed.  I met him in my hotel lobby and our good friend, Marina White was with them.   I looked like death warmed over, for sure.  Mitch worked out the kinks in my neck and shoulder blades the best he could.  By that time, I was physically exhausted.  If you have migraines, you know how physically draining they can be.  I toyed with the idea of taking my meds and chancing it during tomorrow's half. I even considered not running the Half. 

I made a decision, that despite training to PR on this course, I was going to back down and keep it at a comfortable pace.   I was disappointed and even heart broken, that in a blink - a good race had been taken from me, but I am glad I realized this the night before vs the day of the race.  After the good rub down from Mitch, I headed back to the hotel room for more food, got my race clothes ready and went back to bed with ice packs on my head and neck.

Another 2:30am wake up call.  

PRO's:  *Another run through the park!
*Enjoying the run with my husband

*Meeting Pam, Amber & Bill

*Interacting with a bunch of racers, because our costumes

*Watching my husband beam from ear-to-ear during the race

*Having my picture in front of the Small World

*Great medal!

CON'S: *Aid stations were oddly spaced out.  1.5, 4.4 and 5.5, I am told.  RECOMMENDATION:  For a 10k - should be every 1.5

*No bottled water at the Finish Line

Part 4: Disneyland Half and Completion of Dumbo Double Dare

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