Monday, August 26, 2013

Less Racing = More Training Mile

Yesterday, I posted I would be racing less in 2014 to focus my training on my BQ attempts for 2014 & 2015.

Based on the emails I have received, several have missed the key point in that blog.  I am racing less, but I will be training more miles.  A quote from my blog. 

"...I am ready to pump it up to 60+ this Fall/Winter.  I feel more energized in my fitness and health, than I have felt in almost 2 years.  That puts me on the right path to achieve my goals of BQing either in 2014 or 2015, so I can run Boston in 2016."

Here is the original blog post

Racing less, does not mean I will be running less.  I am not sure why so many of my runner friends are trying to convince me to run less. As I have discussed in several other blog posts, less is not more.  By running less, I did not become stronger nor faster.  I maintained my fitness levels, but I did not improve.

The only way to strengthen a muscle is use it and use it often.

I have been injury free since early 2011. The only time I have had to refrain from running

1.  After RnRLV 2011 sickness
2.  Trail fall in October 2012
3.  San Francisco Half Marathon Fall 2013

I am not over training, I am not working myself too hard.  While I appreciate many of your concerns, I am not heading in the wrong direction.  Many know me well, I pay close attention to my form, my nutrition and body cues.

Those cues told me, I was not training enough to achieve my goals.  

Look at any athlete who consistently BQ's or higher - they are running higher mileage.  It's a gradual thing. That is why I am running 40-45 for several months and then move to 60+ in December.

I am having way too much fun this year by improving my fitness and having great races.  Some may believe I am giving up the "fun" - I am not.  I have created more fun for myself.

Onward to more miles and more fun!

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