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High Mileage & Half Marathon Training | Is There a Match?

Since 2010, I have had my eyes on running Boston in 2016, the 120th Anniversary.  That means, I would have to qualify for the race in 2014 or 2015.

After running several fulls in 2012 and deciding to run one Full in 2013, there have been times I wondered if I had what it would take to run a fast Full. I can drop the hammer on a 5k, 10k, and a Half. But, get me to the Mile 20ish and my mind, collapses.

Then, LAM 2013 happened. In that last 5k, Vera and I ran for the run of our lives.  I had finally had it with the mental collapsing at the races and I wanted that Finish and I wanted it as a strong finish.

That showed Vera and I, we are both capable of achieving a BQ, in the future. We could control the course, not the course control us.

A month ago, I realized it was the summer and the heat was about to hit.  I had memories of dragging, DRAGGING through the Summer miles in 2012.  This year, was my year of attacking those miles.

  • No more "run less miles, because it's summer"
  • No more "I am saving my energy by not running so many miles". That was a bunch of bogus crap fed to me last year.  Less miles = less fitness.  It's not rocket science.  
  •  While I might be slower in my pace, my intensity will stay the same.  
Last Summer, I averaged 25-27 miles/week. That did me no good in the Fall/Winter months.  I felt out my game from September - December.  

I decided to amp up my miles to 40 miles.  Two reasons:  increase my fitness and to give me a good base when I start my LAM 2014 training in November/December.  My goal is amp up my mileage to 55-60 for LAM.  

  • 3 weeks ago, I did my first 40 mile (without a race or cycling) in almost 2 years.   At the end of the week, I felt amazingly strong despite the 115F temps outside. My first 40 mile week was on a treadmill, can you believe it? 

  • Week 2 - another 40 miles and that included my Half Marathon at Costume Party Run.  I shocked how good I felt after that race.  I hammered it out and I felt great.  I felt the strength in my legs, hips and butt. 

  • Week 3 - was quite a bit more difficult, trying to manuever around my work schedule. I still felt great at the end of the week.

  • Week 4 - I am bringing the mileage down to 30 this week, for a short break.  Next week, I am back up to 40, if not more.   

If I keep this up, I will have finished my July with 160 miles.  The most miles I have run, since I started my running career in 2010.  No junk miles. Every mile I trained or raced had a goal and purpose. 

Many have questioned me on "why so many miles, you are only running Half Marathons"

"Only" is not a word I like to hear.  Half Marathon at full sprint takes a lot out of a person and you have to have body and mind strength.  I don't run Half Marathons to "just finish" I run them to run and race (against myself).  If I approach a Half race/event as "just to finish" I paid a lot of money for a good training run.  My "just to finish" are long gone.  :)

The stronger I am today, the stronger I will be when I start my LAM training.  LAM will be my first gauge of where I am with my fitness and what changes will I need to make for my first BQ attempt in Fall 2014.

I am not going to make any predictions when I will make that sub4, as my body will make that choice for me.  I have 3 shots to get me there.  1 in 2014 and 2 in 2015.   If I don't make it, I can know I gave it my all and maybe I can make it another year, as I will not stop trying to BQ.  

When I step onto that treadmill, out on a trail or road, I think of my goals.  I think of my 5k goals, my Half goals and my Boston goal. I think of seeing the famed CITGO sign at Mile 25 and I think how good it will feel to run by that sign, knowing I earned my spot on that course.

Right now. the high mileage is great for me.   I haven't felt this strong since 2011, it's good to have that feeling again.   I love to run, what about you? 

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