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RACE REPORT: Ronald McDonald 5k | A New 5k PR (Finally)

I ran this 5k in 2011. I would of ran it in 2012, but I was traveling to Pasadena Half to celebrate my buddies 100th Full marathon.  As much as I love the Ronald McDonald 5k - I would give it up every year, just to see my friends important accomplishments.

I had trained hard for this 5k.  I had not PR'd since November 2011, that's 17 months ago.  I had come close a few times, but close isn't good enough.  In my head, I needed another PR - no telling when my 51 year old body would decide to slow it down.

I spent time at the track, doing speedwork - ON THE TRACK.  Argh!  Those are the most mentally grueling workouts for me.  Round and round.

I ran the Las Vegas 5k last weekend and that stunk. Really, it stunk. I forgot to use my rescue inhaler and consume my Island Boost fueling (as I began to do that pre-5k's at the Awesome 80's, with great results).  Leaving that race, I feared that Ronald 5k would be met with the same bleh results.

I set a goal to finish 24:40. That would be a 4 second PR.  To shave off seconds from a 5k is a big deal.  Such a short distance and every second counts.

My breakfast:  two Pinole waffles with a bottle of water.  Took my daily OGF.

Taped up my knee with KT Tape to increase the blood flow into my funky left knee.  I put on my Team Super Hero singlet and out the door we went!

Hubby and family came to watch me race, which is always a treat for me.

Pre-Race.  Hubby made me get this picture

Gun time was at 7am. Thank goodness!  Better than the hot 8am start from the week before.  We started and finished at the Ronald McDonald House in Las Vegas.  It was a looped course - onto the streets of Las Vegas (off of Sahara).

At 6:30 I took used my rescue inhaler and five minutes later, I consumed a Passion Fruit Island Boost fueling.  

It was reported that over 1,100 runners were in this event. It always has such a great vibe and energy.  Extremely well organized, too.

Gun goes off and as soon as we turned onto Sahara, we had a little bit of an incline.  Not a hill - and incline.  Made a right turn onto O'Bannon and headed towards Oakey (or is it Oakley? - can't remember). 

My Garmin alarm goes off and I am at 8:01 pace. I need to be at 7:55 pace to get that 24:40.  I didn't panic.  Mile I was at 15:57 - I needed to be at 15:50. No panic - but I decided to keep holding my pace and try to push at the end.  If I missed my PR, it would be by a second or two.  I accepted it (so I wouldn't panic) but I kept going.

I could tell I was pushing, as my head screaming STOP!!! Whenever I push over my threshold - that is when my head goes into a panic.   I remember thinking, 'I just want to walk!"  and then I saw the next corner back onto Sahara.  One of the Race Marshall's screamed at me "you are #11 Female!" 

Thought that was interesting.

When I got to Mile 3 - my Garmin read 23:15 (my mind gasped) I was 30 seconds ahead of pace.  That was a long .10 - and my eyes were on the gun clock. I knew I was about 3-7 seconds behind the close.  When I saw 23:59 - my eyes welled up with tears.  I knew I was going to be in the low 24's. 

At the moment I saw the Gun Clock
I came across the Finish Line to see my husband standing there beaming from ear to ear and my son's going "whoa!!!"

I looked at my Garmin and it said 24:17.  I sat down, drank my water and cried.  Was this a dream?  How in the world did I get a PR and then some?  How did I make up the time, when I felt I was fading?  It was so unreal and humbling. 

I had chased this goal for 17 months.  The last time I had a 5k, I was 49 yrs old.  Now, I am 51. 

The great thing about this race, they have results on the laptop, in real time. 

(my husband in the reflection - haha)

The number of Overall racers was over 1,100 - but not all were timed racers. 

Waiting around for the awards the DJ and local announcer (radio personality) kept the crowd upbeat and happy. We did several group dances.  Kids ate McDonald's pancakes and played some games.

In 2011, the AG winners walked up to the table and picked up their medal. This year, they announced them and you got pictures with Ronald.

My AG, 45-54 (what a wear designation) - 3rd place was announced and it wasn't me.  Husband looked at me in a panic.  2nd place - it was me.  So, I guess I jumped up a place, after the results picture was taken.  1st place was not around for the photo.  My official time was 24:10 - a 34 second PR.

DJ Announcer said, "you don't look 45!" 

I should of said, "I am not - I am 51"  (blew that opportunity - giggle)

Traditional post race photos:

With Ladybug's Ball
Showing off my Island Boost temporary tattoo
Saluting the Running Troops

My thanks to Island Boost for giving me that consistent energy through this race.  I have used it and not used it in a race.  BIG Difference, on any distance.  It will be with me on every race and run, from this day forward!

I will never forget that morning. It's been a LONG 17 months to break this PR.  I may never see another PR again (I am getting older, you know) - but this AM will always be special to me.  I was humbled and rejoiced!  Thank you to all of those who guided and supported me these past 17 months.  You never let me give up, even when I wanted to.

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