Monday, May 13, 2013

RACE REPORT: Mum's on the Run | My Doggies Race Debut

For those who follow me - know how much I love my four-legged training partners

Honeybear is my cool down (she can only run about 2 miles)
Daisy Mae is my speed work partner.  She takes off and I have to keep up with her

I chose the 2nd Annual Mum's on the Run as their race debut, because they had a 1 mile.  I brought my son's and my husband, too. We all were running the 1 mile with the doggies. A true family affair.

We arrived at Bunker Park and Honeybear wanted to go home. She doesn't like new locations.  Daisy Mae was all curious. She is typically quite a barky dog, but she was really quiet

Here they are in their Ladybug racing bandana's waiting for the race to start.  You can see that Daisy Mae is checking out the competition and has "The Eye of the Tiger" going on!

Typically, when I walk/jog with my girls - Daisy Mae barks at EVERYTHING, including rocks!  So, we started at the back of the pack. I thought they would just want to jog along.


Daisy Mae TOOK OFF running from the start. I realized, she wanted to run, run, run. So, I handed Honeybear's leash to my husband and took off running with Daisy Mae.

She started weaving in and out in a full sprint.  My Daisy Mae was racing!  (I wish I had a video.)

We got to the turn around and came back. She didn't like that.

Honeybear caught up with us and she was so tired and hot,  (she is 14 yrs old).  I gave Daisy Mae's leash to my youngest son and walked with Honeybear the rest of the way.  I could see Daisy Mae sprinting to the Finish and when she crossed the line - she started jumping up and down.

Okay - she has racing DNA, obviously

My doggies got First Place & Second Place, "Dog Finishers"
I earned 1st Place Female
My sons got 1st and 2nd Place Male
Husband got 1st place in his AG

The Winning Ragsdale Family

With their ribbons. I messed up!  Daisy Mae was first & Honeybear was second


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