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RACE REPORT: Las Vegas 5K | Let The Heat Begin

This was the second time I ran the Las Vegas 5k.  Last year, I had suffered from my first & only heat cramp.
The temps were cooler this year, but it still started way too late in the AM.  No race should start after 7am in Vegas - from April thru August (if not September).

My husband came with me. One of those rare times he was off on a Saturday.   It was nice to have him there.

Waiting around - checking out the multiple vendors, I had my picture taken with Wilbur the Pig, from Famous Dave's BBQ.

As I said, gun time was 8am.  Just too warm, but since it was cooler than last year - I didn't believe it would be that big of a difference.  It was a big deal, again.

Chatted with a nice guy in the corral.  He wanted to know what I was shooting for. I said, "I am not feeling up to snuff today, so I am shooting for that 24/25 mark"

He laughed and said, "I am feeling REALLY good today and I am shooting for the 24/25 mark"

I chuckled.  I gave him some warning to hold back and not go out to too fast as it can get warm out there.

I started my race at a 8:05 pace.  I had no reason nor desire to push it.  Around Mile 1, my breathing started to get labored and I realized I had not used my inhaler nor taken my traditional Island Boost fueling. Dang!

But, I felt fine - so I decided to maintain that pace a bit.

Turn around was at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.  Around Mile 2- it was like a heat wave came rolling onto the Strip. One minute I am fine, the next minute I am drenched with sweat and slowing down.  At Mile 2.5, I knew a sub25 was out of the question, so I held it to keep me in the low-mid 25's.  This wasn't a focus 5k for me, so no pressure.

Coming into the Finish Line

I came in at 25:33.  And I couldn't breath.  I had to grab something to maintain my posture.  I quickly downed some water and my husband sat me down. Took a few puffs of my inhaler and I started to feel normal again.  

After a few stronger 5k's where I took the Island Boost before and this one, I did not. BIG Difference!  

The guy I met in the corral finished way behind me - poor guy, he was toast.  


Tied for 2nd in AG, 1 second away from First Place
As much as I love the energy and organization of this event, I will pass next year.  8am is not my ideal start time and it should start much earlier in the day.  Way too many serious racers race this race to start so late. 

Overall, I am glad I went.  No regrets.

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