Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Day After Boston Marathon 2013 | This Can't Be Real

A day that has forever changed the sport.  When athletes and non-athletes speak of Boston, it will be forever tied to the horrible acts of terrorism.  Will the race recover?  Of course,it will - but, it will never be the same.

As many of my runner friends - I was in a panic for hours & hours...waiting to hear from friends.  I had friends at the Finish Line cheering on the runners. I knew they were in the grandstands.  I knew their own families were in the grandstands.  I sobbed for hours.  I was taken back to the nightmare of 9/11, while I was in a panic trying to help a friend locate her husband, who perished in NYC on that day.

I shook.  I sobbed.  I wanted to vomit.  Then, I got angry. 

Lives were taken,
Bodies were ripped to shreds
Dreams and goals were dashed in a split second

How dare one person or a group of people take it upon themselves to do this to people who have not caused them any harm. 

To some runners, the Boston Marathon is a lifelong dream.  A place where they feel "good enough" to qualify for the most prestigious race in America.  To say "I have Boston Qualified" is a goal that many of us will never achieve, but we all long to be there.

Some use Boston to raise monies for their given charities. The pride of running those historic streets to help out others is their crown jewel.

Those runners were stopped to achieve their goals - with a mile to go.  They trained for months, dreamed for years for this moment.

  • Children were waiting for them to cross the Finish Line
  • Parents were waiting for them to cross the Finish Line
  • Spouses were waiting at the Finish Line - waiting to see their moment of glory.

It was taken from them.  And now, we are left with the memories of a bloody sidewalk, screams, lost limbs and lost lives.

Yet, in the midst of this story - I smiled to hear that runners who finished their race - RAN to Boston General to donate blood.  While they should be thinking of recovery and how much they hurt - they ran again, to save lives.  I can vision some had a hard time running, but they didn't care.

You see my non-running friends, that just what our community does.  We care.  We take care of our own.  We recognize that those who support us, who put on the events and bring us the support we need are vital to our success.  While it might be my name on the results on any race - it should say, "Charlene Ragsdale - supported by her friends and family to achieve this goal".

Later on in the day, I saw someone tweet on Twitter about wearing a race shirt today to honor and support Boston. I thought it was a great idea, so I posted this on FB:   "A movement is sweeping across social media - to show your support, wear a race shirt tomorrow. Let the world know, we stand with our runners, volunteers, medics, supporters, race directors and anyone else who is a part of our great support. While it will not change what happened today - we can rally together to heal."

A FB page has been set up to post messages and photos:  

This morning, I received several text messages that the Seattle news media highlighted my post and showed my picture?  Honestly, not sure why they showed my picture or mention my name, but I am grateful that my hometown is getting the word out.  This is about Boston - this isn't about the messenger or who is on TV.

Today, I will run - not sure the mileage - my mind & body will tell me.  The shirt I am wearing, "Labor of Love" race shirt.  I know all of those in Boston - this was a true Labor of Love to be there. 

Run On.
Run Strong.
Run with Hope.
We aren't Finished, yet.

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  1. Bravo Charlene, thanks for posting EXACTLY how I feel. ~ Sandy Matson

  2. This is exactly how I feel also. First, I was sad and heartbroken, then that turned into rage. I'm angry out children are forced to grow up in a world where horrendous things like this happen.


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