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RACE REPORT: Xterra 5k | 1st in AG (Despite Getting Lost)

(I was reminded by a few FAB-O friends, that I had not posted my Xterra 5k race report)

The race happened on 4/14/13. The day before the Boston Marathon.  Obviously, it had completely slipped my mind - so here it goes!

I ran the race last year, with Running BFF, Angela ( This year, I was going solo.  Since it was a trail race, I wondered how our winter rain storms had changed the course.   I still love trail running, although I have not run on them much since my catastrophic fall in October. 

I didn't wear my trail shoes, I wore my reliable Brook T7's.  They never fail me and they wouldn't on this day either.

I wore my green/white singlet.  I bought it to celebrate Angela's birthday in 2012 and since she was unable to come this year, I wore it in her honor.  (if you need a back story - please read her blog)

The set up was the same.  Great tents, great starting and finish area.  Great announcer, keeping the crowds upbeat with her announcements and great music.  I think there should be a race law - all race Start/Finish area's need music! 

Start Line
Vendor tents
Finish Line (by the tents)

The race took place at Lake Las Vegas - which is East of The Strip.  The day before was the Xterra Tri Championships.

I decided to run the 5k, again (there was also a 10k and a 21k distance). I won my AG last year, so I wondered if I could get back on that podium.  I race the Hollywood Half the weekend before, my legs were feeling it, still - but nothing serious.

The only time we were on clean pavement was the first .25 of the race, from there it was all dirt, rock and whatever else was in our way. 

Once I hit the trail portion, I could see an immediate difference vs last year.  The ground was very rocky, tore up and more.  This was going to be interesting.  My goal was to maintain a healthy pace up the hill that is at the 1 mile mark until 1.5. 

I made it up the hill and at the turn around was the relief of a downhill.  One of these days, I will figure out why I struggle so much on uphills. 

Coming back down into the trails, I noticed the trail was not marked as well as last year.  I saw a red arrow and went that direction, little did I know there were two trails and I took the wrong one!  A man followed me and we both stopped about .25 into the wrong trail.  I look up and my friend Celeste is on the right trail.  She screams for me...I run up the enbankment and kept going.  Mistake #1

I came back onto the pavement for about 100 yards and I went the wrong way again!  Mistake #2

Coming into the Finish Line one of the female competitors was coming in and she had gone the wrong way and was coming back. This was not our day! 

Came in at a comical 29+ - I expected to be around the 26-27 mark, since it was trail.  But, I loved it.  The mistakes were mine and oh well.

As I was cooling off with my boys, I spoke to a few of the very front of the pack and they also got lost on the course.  Okay, I didn't feel so bad.  

Results were posted and I successfully defended my AG title.  Celeste got 2nd in her AG!  Way to go - So proud of you.  Thanks for getting lost with me and pointing me in the right direction. 

Celeste and I  (with my son's finger, for added artist flair)

Here is my podium picture.  Unfortunately, the person taking the photo used my video option, not my camera option, so it isn't crystal clear. This is a screenshot from the video. 

Podium - I love the energy of these gals, hope to see them again

With Ladybug's Ball (this year's medal was a bottle opener)

Saluting my fellow Running Troopers!
And then the next day...nothing else mattered, but Boston. 

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