Thursday, April 18, 2013

It Will Be Okay | Run for Life

Last night, I had a speedwork session.  Never once, did I think of not going.  Someone was waiting for me to show up.  I didn't have the desire to say "not showing up tonight".  

As I approached the track and saw my friend in the distance, I walked towards him.  He looked up and without a word - we walked right into each other arms and hugged.  It was unplanned, it wasn't thought about.  No words.

Those who know me, I am not a huggy person.  Especially when I am hurting or upset - don't touch me (lol).  Yet, at that moment, I felt so heavy in my heart - the hug was natural.  My friend had run Boston, back in the day when you had to run a sub3 or not show up.  He was deeply connected to that race and that city.  I thought of my many runner friends who are emotionally suffering right now.

As we turned to do our first 200, I felt tears develop in my eyes - I felt guilty.  I was running and others could not.  I was running and others could not finish the race.

Yet, as I turned to the last 100 - the media images of that day ran through my mind.  I felt my legs go faster and I realized I was running (in my mind) to help out those in need.

Human instinct took over and my own body pain was irrelevant.  We ran 7 more intervals and I felt amazing well, after each interval.

Running is different to me.  It symbolizes what we are and what we will continue to be.  I may not have a stellar race, every time I step out the door or at the Start Line - but I am different.

Somehow, in this midst of this tragedy - we will find good and find the resolve to make our lifestyle more personable.

While running cannot change what happened on Monday.  I was changed last night on that little track. 

Last night, God gave me an amazing gift - wonderful sleep and a vivid dream of holding my Ladybug in my arms and I am running to keep her from harm.  

And in that dream, she spoke to me..."it's going to be okay momma, it's going to be okay"

Yes, it will. 

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