Monday, April 22, 2013

*GREAT NEWS* Running Troops update!

I think we all can use some good news, right?  

When I founded Running Troops in December, 2012 - I told myself I would get excited if 10 people shared my vision. I am blown away!  We have over 150 people who are sharing this vision and it grows weekly.  Below is an overview of what has happened since the club founding and what is to come.   

HEADS UP:  This post is a little long - please be sure to read the entire blog post

Running Troops Motto:   
To Inspire. To Challenge. To Serve.

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To say I am humbled and thrilled. is an understatement. I believe that we can make a change in the running industry and make a lasting positive impact in other people's lives.   

Running Troops Credo 

Advisory Council has been selected and I couldn't be more proud to have them on the team.

Jim Tello- California
Gary Allen - Maine

Kitzzy Aviles - California
Angela Wozniak - Nevada
Louie & Terri Perez - California
Rob Erekson - Nevada
Julia Beavers - California
Daniel Widdis - Nevada
Jeff Lui - California
Scott Gibson - Nevada
Diane Kutching - California
Kirk Buckley - Nevada
Kristina Large - Texas 

1. New website - We will have an official website full of training information, recognition, photos and a member database.  Wait until you see this - it's modern, sleek and full of great information!

2. Paid membership – for a few bucks a year, you will have access to vendor/race discountssupport our chosen charities and have the opportunity to move up on the Achievement Ranks. We will also be offering a family & lifetime membership. Of course, our FB group will be opened to all runners – free or charge. We always want to be available to support and encourage our fellow runners, at no cost to anyone.

We are growing our list of preferred vendors who will be offering discounts/promotions to our membership.  
(Monies collected will be used to maintain our website/database, RT business and support charities/runners.)


3. Gear – working on the design and distribution of the RT gear

Our gear will include a special tribute to the victims of the 
Boston Marathon tragedy


 4. Multiple recognition programs:
  • Recognition for Miles raced 
  • Recognition for PR’s, BQ’s, and other speed related achievements 
  • Recognition for Volunteer hours at race events
  • Recognition for Race Directors
  • And More!
5. Inaugural Running Troops event on 9/14 – 
location: Santa Monica, CA. You can participate on the course or virtually. 

6.  Newsletter - A tool to support, teach and recognize runners. 

My thanks to all of the members who are sharing this unique & great vision!  Together, we make a lasting and positive impact on the racing community!

Join our FREE FB group to participate in the fun, tips, encouragement and other good stuff!

We look forward to having you a part of our Ranks!

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Run F.A.B.,

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