Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vision Boards | For Running & Fitness

Around the time I graduated from High School (1980) I heard about Vision Boards.  I have created many in my professional life and they have been very helpful in keeping me focused on my goals and reams.

Not too long ago, I decided I wanted to make a Vision board for my running.  I believe in visuals.  They serve as a reminder what we are working towards. They serve a reminder of what inspires us and often why we are running.  It's not just about what you want to accomplish, but why. 

I took my pile of running magazines and started thumbing through the pages to find words and pictures that inspired me. Great way to put the pile to good use!

After finding exactly what I wanted - I glued each piece onto an ordinary white piece of paper and put it into a frame.

Here is my end result:

You can make a vision board on a poster board, cork board or anything you want.  I put my in a Dollar Tree to make it more special and it serves a function. I can hang it on a wall or place it upright on my desk.  Right now, it sits on my office desk.

Have you created a Running/Fitness Vision Board?  If not, try it and have fun!  

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