Monday, March 25, 2013

The Benefit of Post-Race Mental Recovery

I didn't run last week. 

After LAM,  I wanted to approach my recovery differently vs how I handled it, in my past Full races.  I realized that what needed recovery, more than my body was my mind.  

Marathons mentally exhaust me.  I get so bored at 3-3:30 hrs, it is a real struggle to keep running.  I haven't hit the wall or anything like that, I just get bored. 

After last year's LAM, I remember my recovery week, like it was yesterday

Tuesday - speedwork at a track (it did not go well)
Wednesday -Slow, short run
Thursday - Tempo Run (did not go well, either)
Saturday - 5k race (it did not go well, either)

Other than the 5K - my typical post-marathon runs were pretty much the same, except I switched the Tuesday and Wednesday run's.

This week, post LAM - I decided I need to rest and even rejoice in the accomplishments I had achieved that day.  Looking forward to a new 2013 and knowing I had a great opportunity ahead of me to improve my Half's and 5k's times once again.

I spent my week doing DDPYOGA and lots of walks.  I didn't run - until Sunday AM.  I ran a quick 5k on the treadmill and I will say, I felt better post marathon, than I ever have.

After my Sunday run, I did a DDPYOGA Strength Builder and Red Hot Core.

While the body is still a little stiff - my mind is very fresh.  I feel energized and ready to move onward to a new phase in my training and racing, for the remainder of 2013.

I am glad I took the mental rest.   

How many of you take mental rests after a race?  Has it worked for you? 

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