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RACE REPORT: Awesome 80's 5k | Back in the 24's

On Feb 10, 2012 (13 mos ago) I ran a 24:51 5k.  Little did I know, that would be the last time I would see a 5k Finish Time in 24:## for 13 mos.

I struggled for those 13 mos.  It seemed, no matter what I speed and even my healthy & fitness declined. Thank goodness for discovering I had gluten-intolerance on 12/28 & I am regaining my health.  I could only dream of returning to my PR form of Nov 11, where I ran a 24:44 5k.

This weekend, a new 5k was at my favorite place to run/race - Lake Mead/6 Tunnels.  I wanted to run that race - but I chose not to. Why?  My friends and RD's I respect so much were coming to town to direct the Awesome 80's.  They are also RD's who are involved with my Running Troops club. I couldn't pass on this opportunity to see and run in their race, as much as I wanted to run at 6 Tunnels.  I am glad I made the decision I did.

Awesome 80's is a running event to celebrate the 1980's. Everyone comes in costume (except me, of course).  I chose to wear running shorts and my Hollywood Half Marathon 2012 shirt (Awesome 80's RD are the RD's for Hollywood Half). It's more of an event, than a race - but I didn't care. 

"MC Hammer" was our Announcer

I stuck out like a sore thumb, but it was all good!  600 runners/participants - and maybe 5 of us were not in an 80's themed costume.

I was coming to run, not to race - per se.  My mind was obviously thinking about my two previous 5k's where I was in the 26 mark.  Geez.  I had to regroup and shoot for a 25:##.  I thought I could maintain that pace...well, I hoped I could!

45 minutes before the start I drank a PASSION Island Boost fueling.  Some of you may of heard of it.  This fueling is amazing! It's made with coconut water and fresh fruits.  It's formulated by a woman who had Celiac disease and that means, this is GF.  I have been using this since Surf City - and I am LOVING it.  So easy to drink during a run. Very thin consistency.  Best part - you don't have to chase it with water - that's why there is coconut water in the pouch.  Perfect.  I wanted to see if IB would help me on a 5k sprint. Couldn't hurt, right?

We lined up for the Start and I was surrounded by neon & leg warmers.  We took of and many runners ran right by me.  I looked at my Garmin and I was running a 7:30 - and they were zooming by me?  I knew they would boink.  And yes, they did, but mile 1. 

Anyways - we ran and kept running.  The course started at Freedom park - went onto the street and looped back around to the park.  I started to wain a bit at mile 1.5 but quickly regrouped.  At mile 2, I was noticeably feeling better than my last 2 races.  Huh!  

At Mile 2.1 - I passed the 2nd place and the first place female was starting to slow down.  I got in a little paranoid mode and thought, if I push it - I could boink.  So, I pushed a little but not too hard and as I came up on the Leader - she took off into a sprint to the Finish Line to finish 8 secs ahead of me.

I felt great and I then....I looked at my Garmin.  It read 24:54.

"WHAT?!?!"  I had to walk away and gain my composure.  I had not seen 24 on my Garmin in 13 mos.  I looked at the distance and it read 13.10.  (see photo).

I was in complete disbelief.  The tears started to build in my eyes (thank goodness I had big sunglasses!) - what I had longed for...for 13 mos, it came back.  Even if it is only for one race, my body showed me - it was still there.

I walked around by myself for awhile to gather my thoughts and try to figure out what did I do differently?  My pre-race routine was the same...same shoes...nothing new.  Wait  - there was something new!

I had consumed the Island Boost before the 5k.  Knowing how it had improved my training runs since Surf City, I can't help but believe that IB was the cherry on the top of my day.

As my friends started coming into the Finish, they were walking up to me and saying, "WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO YOU OUT THERE? We saw you passing people all over - you were NOT the same runner we saw a few weeks ago or even a month ago!"

That was when I knew this was real.  My body was responding to the GF lifestyle and I put the RIGHT fueling in me, Island Boost.

I may not achieve another sub25 - but, I will never forget this AM.  It was an answer my my prayers.   It showed me that this 51 year old body, wasn't done and I could keep going.

24:53 is my official time - and says I am 3rd Overall, even though I finished right behind the 1st Place.  It doesn't matter to me - my Garmin reads a sub25.  That's my prize!  24:53 is my 3rd fastest lifetime finish.

For those of you looking for an outstanding fueling, easy to drink and will not cause you any stomach discomfort - you need to try Island Boost.  It's VERY sweet, but not so sweet you cannot drink it.  Many REI's are carrying it - if your local REI is not - they can order it for you.  Check their website - you can also order online.

I am thrilled to give my endorsement to Island Boost.  As my readers know - I will never endorse a product/gear that I don't believe it.  Welcome to Island Boost as a FAB product! *I was not compensated for this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

I hung out post-race for pictures (yes, they had a DeLorean) and mingle with Running Troops members & racer friends, Daniel, Jacqueline, Nino and Jodi.

(The RD gave me the hat - I didn't wear it during the race - I didn't realize how crooked my bib was until I saw this picture)

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  1. Congratulations on an AWESOME race - that has to be the most refreshing and comforting sight to see! You rock! :)


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