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*CHAR SHARES* Are Your Running Goals Blurry? Adjust The Lens

For those who wear contacts or glasses - imagine what you could or could not see without them

Imagine looking through a camera lense and it is unfocused. 

It's a blur.  No sense of direction.  You can probably guess where to look or point the camera, but you are not focused, so you adjust the lense to have everything crystal clear.

Same with goals.  Especially running goals.  In a world full of options, it's easy to be blurry. 

Full Marathon's
Half Marathon's
100 miles
Obstacle Course's

Of course, there are other achievements.  Number of races in a year, locations and even world records.

How do you do it all?

Simple.  You don't.

Adjust your goals (your lens) to make everything crystal clear.  

I spent all of my 2012 training for Full's.  It was a commitment I made to myself to do.  No regrets, although I didn't enjoy it.  During that time, I convinced myself I wanted to run Ultra's and even a 100 miler.  By the end of 2012, I took a step back to be honest with myself and realize I wanted to improve my 5k and Half Marathon times.  Races that suffered in my longer distance quest.

Ultra's are amazing feats. I have many close friends who run them, and I give them my ultimate respect and thumbs up!  However, in 2013 - it's all about 5k's and Half's to me.

After LAM, I thought for a few moments to train for another full - luckily I was quickly snapped back to reality and knew it was not a match for my goal, this year.

I trained for Full's in 2012 - my 5k's and Half's finish times were sacrificed
I am training for my speed this year - my longer distances will be sacrified

To pursue one, another must fall by the way side - please give yourself permission to let it be okay!   The problem I see with so many runners - they are all over the map, trying everything and not focusing on what they truly want.

What happens if you don't know what you want?  I believe you do.  You know in your heart of hearts what makes you happy when running?  Is it heart pumping sprint in a 5k or 10K?  Or is it the challenge of a Half or Full?  Or even the endurance test of wills to run an Ultra?

Somewhere - you know where your bliss is.  Follow it, beginning today.

You can adapt your goals later on, but if you are all over the place - you will not achieve any goals.  The road will always be there for the other goals, don't worry.

But, you might not be able to always pursue the goals that are most important to you, right now.

Be true to who you are - dig deep, look deep and decide what you want and go for it.  Give it one year.  Give it all you can for your goals for that one year.  Change the goal, next year - but this year - focus and keep your eye on your prize.

You will be glad you did!

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