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RACE REPORT: Vegas Fat Boy 5K | I Got a Donut!

My last run before the Fat Boy 5k was a 20 mile Earlier this week, I had a serious big toe ingrown toenail removed.  It has swelled up so much, you couldn't even see the toe next to it.  It wasn't sore, but it was tender and the first day it felt good was Friday.  So, I had a choice - run the day before a 5k sprint of not.  I chose not to. Run on fresh legs.

Las Vegas Fat Boy 5k is a fun event with a fun theme.  Your start time is according to your weight.  Pre-race food is donuts and other high sugar foods.  Post race is the same, including pork sandwiches.  I started in the last corral to go off.  

I knew going into this event, it wouldn't be stellar, but I was looking forward to another 5k at Bunker Park.

I started off well.  In the 8:15 range, but I could not hold onto it.  I was loosing ground by Mile 2.  My legs felt great, my toe wasn't hurting - it was just an off and bad racing day for me.  My official time is 26:03.  Geez - did I WALK?.  My Garmin says 25:58, but oh well. 

One of my FB and California runner friends, Ryan L. came into town and ran this race. It was fun to see him again. I had not seen him since Colby's race in November.

Here we are drinking our Coconut water

During awards - they tried to present me with First in my Age Division - but I KNEW it belonged to another runner - lo and behold, they didn't even have her on the final results.  Then, other racers were discovered missing from the race results.  Seriously - how hard is this to get the timing right?  While it didn't affect me - it did keep some other runner's receiving their awards.  So frustrating to see this happen over and over and Coach Phil is left to figure it out for the LVTC Championship series points.  

I am glad I ran this 5k, it felt great to run, again - especially since the ingrown toenail issue sidelined me for a few days.  I certainly didn't come into this race prepared, but I gave it 100% on what I could do this AM.   Anytime I can get out and run full sprint on a beautiful sunny Vegas day - I am there!  

My buddy, Steve Thornock.  He smashed his PR by 2 minutes!
It's 1 month from LA Full.  A few more long runs, but I will be pushing the envelope to up my tempo a bit and inch my way back to where I want to be.  Looking forward to finishing up LAM.  I have a new plan starting April and I look forward to not having 15-20+ miles on my training schedule for a long time. 

Holding Ladybug's Ball and the swag.  Cute cotton shirt.  Love the logo!  A plastic logo cup and a foam donut. 

 Loving 2013, so far!

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