Monday, February 11, 2013

Plans for the Week of 2/11 thru 2/17

It's Monday, February 11th - it just hit me, it's February!  I remember January, but sure came and went quickly.

Now, we are nearing half way through February.  Geez. Time for a cute animal picture...

How are you doing in your goals?  Mine are doing well.  I had a fairly good long run yesterday.  I set out to do 20 miles. I ran/walked intervals of 3:1 for 18 miles, I chose to keep walking for another 2.  I had a nagging  back ache from rolling out of bed the wrong way, the other AM.  In addition - a blistering headache in the back of my head, which was obviously caused by the back ache.

During the run, I felt great. I mean REALLY great.  Strong, light on my feet.  Still felt soreness in my hammies & glutes towards the end.  I have yet to figure out why that is happening.  My quads nor my calves - just my hammies & glutes.  Research indicates that I need to strengthen my hammies & glutes - well, I have been working them double time since my last Full....and they still ache.  Go figure.  Since it was a slower run, I super-focused on my form.  The rhytm of my feet hitting the pavement was very soothing to my mind.  When I turned on some tunes, I turned them off within a few minutes.  It distracted me.

I ran 3 days in a row last week.  Planned?  Yep.  I wanted to do one last long run on tired legs.  I ran a 4 mile tempo on Friday + a 5K race on Saturday and then...Sunday's long run.

That's not happening this week.  I have another 5k on Saturday, but my long run will be only 10.

My last 20 miler will be on the week of 2/18.   That will be run on fairly fresh legs.  My two weeks of tapering will be two weeks of 12-13 miles.

Next stop - LA Marathon.  I will be doing the Galloway method at a 3:1 interval.  My goal is to finish sub 4:45, but my fantasy goal is to finish 4:30.  Of course, regardless of my Finish Time - I will give 100% of what I have, on that day.

And to add some variety into my is a peak into my non-running world.  My family & I are having a great month.  Kids are doing well in school and growing up before our very eyes.  Their sense of independence and maturing is inspiring.  The Dogs & Hamster are doing their daily stuff of eating, playing, walks and all that other fun pet stuff.  My work/job as a Social Media Manager - a few highlights:

  • Ricky Schroder (Silver Spoons, NYPD, 24, etc) has created an amazing family film with his family. Click on his name to see the movie trailer.   His entire family has been a part of this project.  "Wild Hearts" premiers on 3/09 on the Hallmark Movie Channel.  Be sure to watch it!  

  • Another client, Kimberly Dawn will be at the House of Blues in West Hollywood on 2/16/13.  Tickets are only $10.  You can buy them HERE

What is on your calendar this week?  Training?  Work? Family? 


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  1. It's a big bummer that you weren't feeling great during your long run, but it sounds like you did the right thing and listened to your body and did what you can. I did a long run (14 mi) on tired legs last weekend, too, and the last few miles were brutal, but it's a great simulation for what the last few miles of a marathon feel like. Good luck with your training!


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