Monday, February 25, 2013

New Year's Resolution: New Clothes, cont'd | Friend time

In January, I set a New Year's Resolution, non-fitness or health related.  The resolution was to buy one complete outfit a month, no running or fitness clothes allowed.  The outfit must be complete,m must be no more than $200, preferably under $150 and most importantly, the top must be able to be worn in 3 different ways.  More bang for the buck, as I say.  So far, I have spent WAY below my limit on each shopping trip.  :)

When I posted my New Year's Resolution on FB, I had several friends wanting to join in the fun. So far, I have gone shopping with Angela W. (Sole Sister on the Run) and Jill Whitaker (Jill Will Run).

Not only have I found two complete outfits, thus far- I have been able to share some fun time with two friends, and it had nothing to do with running. As much as I love running with the both of them, it's great to have gal pal time, without the sweaty mess.
January outfit:

Top, 2 Pants and Silver Jewelry

February outfit:

                            Turtle Neck, Sleeveless print top, Black Blazer, Black Cardigan and matching jewelry                                                   (pants: from January, since I purchased 2)

It's been many, many years since I have enjoyed shopping.  The joy was not in the clothes browsing, but spending time with Angela and Jill.   March shopping trip is just around the corner and I know exactly what i am looking for!

In addition, I purchased an over the door jewelry armoire from HSN.  Wow, to say this is a great piece of furniture is an understatement.   Wish I had bought this sooner.

 So glad I made this resolution. 

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