Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Year is Over With? | The Art of Not Giving Up

Here we are, end of February and I am hearing "2013 is not my year" from several racers.

How can that be decided only 8 weeks into the year?

I think that is giving up.  In a short time of 6-8 weeks a runner can transform their running (with proper training, nutrition and rest, of course).  Why give up now?

Why give up at all?  I was told by several racers that I needed to give up and relish in the accomplishments I achieved in 2011 and not believe I can regain that level and fitness.  Why would anyone just give up?  Shouldn't we always want to improve ourselves?

I am less than one month from LA Marathon.  I am very happy to go back to the one Full experience I enjoyed in 2012.  The others?  Not so much.  I think the other reason I am glad it's happening - it will be the end of super long training runs until December.  My next Full won't be until LAM in 2014.

Beginning in April,  I have a new & exciting training plan for 5k's and Half's.  I am very heavy on my race schedule through June, but will take July and August to focus only on training.  If there is a race to run, and if I run it - it will be for training, not a race.

My next focus Half is Fontana Half (June).  Not because it is blazing downhill & I should have a fairly good finish time, but I know that running downhill can be mentally and physically exhausting.  Done many of them to know how the body reacts to a downhill course.  I feel that Fontana will be a great test of my mental and physical strength, and I am looking forward to the challenge. 

Every week I feel body and mind stronger.  That has to occur, FIRST - before I can begin to regain the speed I lost in 2012.  I have found the fueling that works for me (thank you Island Boost!) and going gluten-free has been the best choice I have made in at least a year.  Of course, I can't say enough good things about

As I told a friend of mine..time for me to wake up the sleeping giant.  "Nap time" is over as soon as my foot hits the Finish Line at LAM.

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