Thursday, February 21, 2013

#FABNutrition: 7 tips To Save Up To 500 Calories While Dining Out

Most of us go out to eat. Some do it out of convenience, so do it out of pleasure. Did you know that many of today's popular entree's are over 1000, if not 1200 calories?  If you are counting calories, that could be your entire day's allowance of calories!

There are many ways you can cut back on calories without sacrificing your dining experiences

1.  Salads.  Use Oil and Vinegar or even lemon.  Don't even try the "fat free" dressings. They are full of sugars. Fat Free = full of sugars.   Sugar Free = full of fat. *Stay away from cheeses and nuts.  *Load up on the fruits and vegetable toppings

2.  Diet drinks.  Seriously - how many times do we need to hear of the negative affects of diet drinks?  Drink water.  Clear or sparkling.

3. Meals.  Order an appetizer (which is often smaller portions) OR when your meal arrives, have one half of it immediately bagged up by the server.  Don't wait until you finish your meal, you might eat it! Bag it up and take it home.  Not only does this save calories, but money.  You have your lunch or dinner already for tomorrow!

4. No fries.  Get a baked potato or steamed vegetables.  Savings several hundred calories.

5. Booze. Sorry folks - but booze is empty calories.   Keep your eye on your health goals. You can add alcohol at another time. 

6. Dessert - choose sorbet or seasons fruit.  Sweetness!

7. Most importantly, only eat until you are satisfied, not to the point of feeling FULL.  You are NOT required to finish your plate.  You pay the same amount of money if you clean your plate or not.  No starving children in China will notice - but your waistline will.  Again, keep your eye on your health goals.  

By using these tips when you have a meal out - you are saving between 200-500 calories in one meal.  Easy, huh?

What are some of your favorite eating-out tips?

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