Monday, February 18, 2013

Bad Race? Run!

We all have bad runs and even bad races.  I had a few in 2012.  Cirque 5k, Las Vegas 5k and ET Full were my worst races in 2012.  Those days/nights I was horribly off.

My first off-race of 2013 came at Fat Boy 5k.  Having not been able to run in 6 days due to the insane ingrown toenail issue - I was stiff as a board and just not ready to bring out my sprinter legs, that AM.  Nonetheless, I am so glad I ran that race - I just love 5k's. 

Photo: Laurie Skrivan,St. Louis Post-Dispatch

How do you overcome a bad race or run?  Run (or race) ASAP

  • After the Cirque 5k - I did nothing. Big mistake!  It took me weeks to get my head back in the game.
  • After Las Vegas 5k - I ran another 5k the next day and beat my performance by at least a minute and came in as second Female Overall.
  • After ET Full - I ran the next day...4 miles of good mind clearing steps.  

After Fat Boy 5k - I ran 11 miles the next day.  It felt wonderful!  One of my favorite training runs - I ran in my sweet spot.  I felt so good afterwards, I took my dogs for a 2 mile jog.

When running gets you down - lace up and keep at it. The longer you wait to hit that pavement (or trails), the longer it take your mind to get over that bad race.  

How do you get over slumps or bad races?  

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