Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Love Story | A Man & His Shoes

As a runner, there is no greater love & connection than what we have with our chosen shoes.  Today's post is from Tony Nguyen, The Endorphin Dude and his relationship with his running shoes. 

Finding the right pair of running shoes is a lot like courtship and marriage. As a new runner, you feel the excitement of romance and the rush of adrenaline of being out there pounding the pavement. It’s like being in junior high school all over again and being in love. You want the world to know how much you love running, and that’s why you race and post the photo of that coveted finisher’s bling on Facebook. Ask any runner and he or she will tell you it always starts out as crush but it quickly develops into a deep passion and true love. That’s why finding the perfect running shoe is very important.

I’m not going to lie. I have been through some rough relationships. I am not going to name names, but some looked like a great pair, but boy oh boy, were they abusive to me. I’m not going to get into the gory details, and to protect their identities, I will give these former partners fictitious names. “Angie”, gave me blisters left and right, “PK” made me bleed, “Diana fractured me,” “Andrea” didn’t fit quite right, and “Crissy” was just a mess. Don’t even get me started on “Mohanna.”

It took over three years and a few thousand miles before I found the perfect partner. I met Hoka through friends of friends, and this girl runs to the beat of a very different drum. That tune is bright and wild, mind you. Hoka is plus sized and she’s not afraid to show her true colors. When I first met this beauty, I knew she was the one. We quickly connected, and the first time I slid my foot in, I knew there was something there. We went for a run together, and it felt like I was gliding on pillows. Hoka protected me, gave me comfort, and helped push me to greatness. We continued to run together, and with each kilometer, I felt closer and closer to her. And then it happened. At mile 7 of the San Francisco Marathon, on the Golden Gate Bridge, I got down on one knee, tied my shoe, and popped the question: “Hoka, will you be my sole mate?” It warmed my big toe when she said yes! We finished that race together in bliss. After I collected my medal, Hoka whispered this sweet message into my ear, “I have sisters, you know.” What more could a guy ask for! Sure enough, my beautiful new running partner introduced me to her family: Evo Tarmacs, Speed, Bondi, and Mafates. YES!! I now run happily ever after with my five beautiful Hokas.

Yeah, I am in love. Hoka has changed my life.  

Happy Valentine’s Day, All!
-Tony Nyguen, The Endorphin Dude

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